How to Use Grenades and Other Explosive Devices in Aliens: Dark Descent

Aliens: Dark Descent is a thrilling action game that requires strategic planning in the use of explosives to defeat your enemies. Grenades and other explosive devices can be a valuable asset in this game if used correctly. In this article, we will discuss how to effectively use grenades and other explosive devices in Aliens: Dark Descent.

Firstly, it is essential to know the types of explosives available in the game. There are three kinds which are useful—stick grenade, smoke grenade, and proximity mine.

The stick grenade is an explosive device that explodes on impact when thrown at an enemy. It deals massive damage and can kill several aliens at once if they are within its blast radius.

Smoke grenades emit thick smoke clouds that impair the vision of enemies making it difficult for them to see you or approach you while making escaping easy for you.

Proximity mines have a sensor mechanism that detects nearby alien threats. Once the proximity mines detect any movement within their range, they trigger themselves and explode into relatively large explosions taking out anything closeby including walls.

To use any of these explosives while playing Aliens: Dark Descent, start by selecting which one you want from your inventory menu (usually accessed by pressing ‘I’ on your keyboard). Once selected move around with caution while watching out for hostile aliens who might attack from anywhere under cover (check doors/windows etc.). If you encounter many enemies fighting simultaneously with sticking grenades may be your best bet!

For Smoke Grenades rather than directly attacking opponents opt-instead set-up sort of diversion with they/it stuck near doors or entry points so as to consistently provide smokescreens making it hard for aliens trying infiltrating process lots slower thus providing much-needed time advantages

Lastly don’t forget about Proximity Mines too! They can be utilized during any defensive stage creating added-time need alerting player-amidst-surrounding hostiles-thus-exploding whenever such occurs leading player time to evade or put in place a much-needed strategic plan.

In conclusion, Grenades and other explosive tools can be the player’s winning card in Aliens: Dark Descent if used with proper care and caution. Stick grenades should be used when engaging multiple aliens at once; Smoke grenades are used for diversion tactics, while Proximity mines help create a strategic plan and give you ample amount of time to escape from danger or ambush enemies that try surprising you. These strategies will make your gameplay more effective, thrilling and rewarding.

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