Do you want to know how to use photo mode in Monster Hunter Rise? This guide has the answer to your question.

Capcom’s Monster Hunter Rise marks the true debut of the series on the Nintendo Switch, as it is the first new main game to grace Nintendo’s hybrid console. The gameplay cycle remains essentially the same, as players can team up to defeat big monsters and then split them up to create new gear. Plus, like most modern video games, Monster Hunter Rise also has a photo mode, about how to use it in our guide.
How to turn on and use photo mode in Monster Hunter Rise
Unlike most other video games where you can activate photo mode to pause the game and take a quick picture, Monster Hunter Rise is a little more finicky. This is largely due to the fact that there is actually no option to pause the game, so everything is always in real time.

How to turn on and use photo mode in Monster Hunter Rise

To use the game’s photo mode, you first need to raise the camera. You can do this by pressing left and right on the crossbar to scroll through key elements until you reach the camera, and then press up on the crossbar to activate it.

The viewfinder will appear on the screen, and you can still move around with the left joystick to try to get a better angle of view. You can also use the d-pad to further adjust the angle and even use filters to keep your photos bright.

Once you have the frame perfectly aligned, press the A button to take the picture. Whenever you activate the camera, you can also browse your photo album to see all the photos you’ve taken.

Of course, if combining a snapshot with the in-game camera proves too cumbersome, don’t forget that you can still use the Switch’s built-in screenshot feature to take a quick snapshot whenever you want.

Just be careful if you use the camera while hunting, as you can easily get carried away in the moment and end up being killed by your prey.

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