How to Use Zonai Wing Devices in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

If you are a fan of the popular game, Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, you may have come across Zonai Wing Devices in your quest. The Zonai Wing Devices are equipment designed to help players navigate through certain areas of the game with ease. With this guide, we will take you through how to use these devices and make your journey more efficient.

The first step in using these devices is to find them. You can find them scattered throughout different parts of the game world. They appear as purple bird-like objects that protrude from walls or pedestals.

Once you get close enough to a Zonai Wing Device, move your character close enough to it until it illuminates with an energy field and prompts a button prompt on your screen such as “Press A”. Simply press this button prompt on either Nintendo Switch or Wii U Gamepad console models.

When activated, the device will launch Link (the player character) into the air like a bird spreading its wings while also giving players control over their flight path using breath icons visible per each device. Similar system yet not as complex compared to breathing icons in Breath Of The Wild.

Navigating in flight can be tricky but with practice and mastery over wing manipulation controls one can soar high above platforms previously inaccessible by ground level navigation thus allowing for faster exploration scores versus walking on foot.

It’s worth noting that there is usually only one way through an area navigated by wing-diving devices including some left-right turns however they greatly extend viewing distance allowing shortcuts if mastered correctly for self-preserving escapades avoiding some enemies depending on playstyle choices made due possible travel limitations caused by stamina issues which could have been solved using other consumables instead just relying on navigating obstacles via wing-diving methods ignoring different characteristics strengths possible interaction abilities exclusive only hero characters introduced throughout Zelda series games such as defeating enemies who have power effects like Chuchus or Fire Keese giving back control over important areas with access to items scatteredaround in explorable environments full of hidden surprises.

In conclusion, Zonai Wing Devices are an essential part of gameplay in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom game world. With a mastery over the controls and a keen eye for navigation, they can make your journey progress faster and more enjoyable granting improved opportunity to increase rewards with additional benefits like special items available from hard reached places before. Always stay aware of movement controls once activated using on-screen icon-breath-based prompts without exhausting bars or limiters like stamina for optimal use without consequences due possible encounters with difficult foes restricting mobility options during flight !

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