We may have just celebrated the beginning of the 2020s, but it seems like we’re back in 2002: the expected Blizzard remake for the iconic Warcraft 3 makes us feel nostalgic. However, many players report unstable frame rate and poor performance. So, for those who are diligently trying to adjust the performance of the game and want to monitor the performance, here’s how you can see FPS in Warcraft 3 Reforged.

How to see FPS in Warcraft 3 Reforged

Returning Warcraft 3 players will feel at home with Reforged. Of course, it uses the same engine, and the user interface is almost identical to the original game. This is probably not the complete remake that many had hoped for, but at least it means that good old-fashioned console commands are easy to access and enter.

As in many games of its era, Warcraft 3 allows you to enter console commands to make changes during the game. Pressing the Return key on your keyboard triggers a “message” or chat feature, but it also serves as a console.

To display the FPS on the screen, you just need to enter “/ FPS”. This will display the FPS counter in the upper centre of the screen.

Remember, your maximum FPS is what you have set in the settings menu. You can set it to 200 FPS, although you don’t really need to set it that high. In fact, you may want to fix 60 for consistency if you do not have a monitor that is capable of the maximum refresh rate.

Here is a step-by-step summary:

During any Warcraft 3 card – campaign, multiplayer or custom – press the return/enter key on your keyboard to call the console.
Enter “/ FPS” to call the FPS counter, which will be displayed in the center of the screen.

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