Tired of losing and you want to know how to win at Among Us. In this guide we have collected tips that will lead you to victory in every match in Among Us.

In Among Us, as in other multiplayer games, the victory depends on your team, even you can say a team game is the basis of the whole game. Whether you’re a teammate or an impostor, you need to work closely with your team, either to accomplish your tasks or to deceive them and create a false sense of security, just to pull the mat right out from under their feet and exclude them from the match.

Although most of your success (or failures) in this game will be directly related to your interaction with other players, there are some things you can do on your part to increase your chances of success.

Namely, playing Among Us on a PC with BlueStacks gives you an inherent advantage, as you will be able to play on a much larger screen than on your phone, as well as control your character using the keyboard, which allows you to move around and complete tasks much faster. Besides, as we mentioned in our Beginner Guide, you can also play the game on your PC for free, while you usually have to pay for the Steam version, so that’s true.

However, in this tutorial we will take a closer look at what you can achieve by playing the game on BlueStacks, and also give some useful tips and tricks for the general gameplay.

Let’s get started!

Tips and tricks to win
Although the pleasure of the game is mainly its journey, not so much at its destination, there are a few tips you can follow to increase your chances of success.

As a teammate
A good way to navigate around the ship, at least at first, is to follow the yellow arrow that points you to the nearest target. This way, you do not have to rely on your map so often, and you will follow the killer closely.

Try to perform visual tasks in front of other teammates to prove your innocence, as impostors can not perform these tasks. Visual tasks include Clear Asteroids, Send Scans, Prime Shields and Clear Trash. Similarly, please note if players are trying to simulate these tasks, as this is likely to indicate that they are impostors. Call an emergency meeting immediately if you notice this.

Similarly, if you’ve seen someone perform a visual task, and they’ve seen you perform it, then stay together as much as possible, because you’ve both proved your innocence and can cooperate in finding the killer.

As an impostor
NEVER try to imitate a visual task, especially in the sight of another crew member, as this is a dead sale of your true identity.

A good way to earn people’s trust is to repair a room that you have sabotaged. To this end, if you are sabotaging lights, you can waltz into an electric room and fix them yourself. This should buy you some trust from the other team members.

Avoid following your teammates too often, as they may suspect suspicion and cause an emergency meeting to take you out of the game.

Try to make a case against your teammates to blame them, not you. To do this, blame them for closing doors or wandering around rooms without doing anything. However, sometimes this can work against you if there are witnesses who refute your claims. In any case, if you play in cold blood, you can still avoid punishment for falsely accusing someone by claiming that it was a mistake.

If possible, try to sabotage the O2 or the reactor room and repel teammates who are in a hurry to fix it. These two rooms are important, because you automatically win if the crew does not fix them in time, ensuring that at least one member is suitable to fix them.

These are just a few tips and tricks that you can use to win every match. Remember, the most important thing is always to stay cool to prove your innocence as a teammate or to shift the blame on others if you play for an impostor. Feel free to share your advice in the section below!

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