Immortal Taoists is a popular mobile RPG with special gift codes. They can be exchanged for resources, items and various bonuses.

Where to enter the codes
Click on the character’s avatar in the upper left corner -> enter the code in the field and click the refund button (Redeem).

Immortal Taoists – codes

Working Codes
We8andw – 10,000 stones of spirit. If the code does not work, try again.
rnkw1nu – iron, wood, food and stone.
sa9cnue – dew cleansing
wuxia9999 – talent pills
f8d5kgf – free resources
phi123 – Inspector’s badge, free resources
k23kf76 – food, spirit stone, flower, etc.
k23kf766 – Stone of spirit, treasure tags, etc.
lb4m8fa – core, spirit stone, etc.
lcd8fs72 – dew clearing, resources
kso84hj – excellent drink
hanyuty666 – treasure token, resources
xianmingjue66 – token of the cult’s contribution, reputation, etc.
fbxiaozulibao66 – items
EX5Daa – excellent drinks, items
mfkf8888 – Input token, reputation, etc.
Ve045Z – items
nM22Bm – the core of the Beast and objects
TcZB8i – tablets Beast and objects
xmjh3yJj – silk box and items
xmj0pUT7 – items
xmjAv09o – RSS
xmjLQQoU – kernel of the Beast and RSS
xmjEc2NS – Beast tablets and objects
xmj0V6np – RSS and items
xmjkU2l3 – resources and items
xmjgmjzy – resources
RLN75DE91 – Silk Box, Plug In Token
RLN802JK3 – Silk Box, Plug In Token

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