During the passage of Immortals Fenyx Rising you will have to solve not a little mystery. And today in this guide we will tell you how to solve the riddle with blue balls in Immortals Fenyx Rising and get part of the wing.

At the beginning of his passage Immortals Fenyx Rising you will get a quest called Blurry Vision, which will offer you a puzzle with a blue sphere to get part of the wing. Part of the wing gives you the ability to float, so it is a very important object that will help you cross the Golden Island.

This quest is the last step before you leave the starting zone and go to the mainland, where the real game begins. However, finding these blue balls can be a bit difficult, so we have compiled this guide. Here is where to find the blue balls and get part of the wing in Immortals Fenyx Rising.
Where to find the blue balls
When you first find part of the wing, it gets stuck behind a red wall, which prevents you from taking it. Next to it, there is a grid with a blue sphere inserted into one of the holes, and it looks like the other four blue spheres are missing. You can find them in the nearby buildings, each of which is guarded by a small puzzle. The blue spheres are hidden in the following places:
Already placed on the grid.
Behind the locked gate, which can be opened by a lever.
Behind the locked gate opens Sphere 2.
Behind the locked gate opened with a fire arrow.
Behind the beating wall.
The first ball is already in the net. If you climb up the stairs next to the net and immediately go left, you will see the lever. If you pull this lever, you will open the locked gate. Run inside the locked gate, using the steps on the left to climb over the red wall.

Inside you will find a second ball. However, instead of turning around and leaving with the sphere, you must use this sphere to unlock the third sphere that is hidden behind the locked gate next to the sphere you have just found. Place the sphere in the pressure slot and the gate will open. Take both balls and return them to the grid in front of the Wing Part.

To find the fourth sphere, go up the stairs next to the grid of spheres and turn right. You will see the ball behind the locked gate. Next to it there is a pressure plate on which you can stand, and next to it there are two lit fryers. Stand on the pressure plate and you will see the Arrow of Apollo to guide the arrow through the lit fryer in front of you and light an un-lit torch in the upper right corner of the gate. Once the torch is lit, the gate will open with the ball exposed. Take it and return it to the grid.

To get the last ball, go down the stairs to the right of the net of spheres. Inside the giant building at the bottom of the staircase there is a ball, but there is no clear way in. If you walk around the right side of the building past the big burning roaster, you will see the golden part of the wall, which has some cracks in it. Hit this wall with the axe to break the wall and get inside. To get the ball, push the metal box back and it will fall by itself. Take it and return it to the grid.

Having collected all five blue spheres, you will need to place them in the correct order to access the Wing Part. Place them in the slots shown on the nearest wall, or use the screenshot above for reference.
How to Get a Part of the Wing in Immortals Fenyx Rising
As soon as you solve the puzzle, a yellow portal will appear. Go inside to get two Haron coins, after which the cat-scene will start. At the end of the video you will get the Daedalus Wings. They will not let you slide yet, but you will soon discover this ability.

That’s all you need to know about how to get part of the wing in Immortals Fenyx Rising. Read also our other guides in the game:

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