We continue to share advice in our Immortals Fenyx Rising guides. And in this we want to tell you how to increase the maximum level of health and endurance.

Like all good role-playing games, Immortals Fenyx Rising offers ways to increase your health and stamina by making battles a little easier to survive as the game becomes more and more difficult as you pass.

To improve your health and endurance, you will need to get to the Hall of the Gods, because this is where you will find the items needed to do so.

How to increase your maximum health level
To increase your health, you need to use Kilix Athens, a gold bowl that can be used to treat ragweed. Ambrosia is a resource that you can find in different places as you go through the game. It looks like a multifaceted crystal of iridescent color.

You can collect them by interacting with them, and then bring them to the Hall of the Gods. The first health improvement costs 6 ragweed and will give you one extra piece of health. Each subsequent update will cost a little more for one piece.

Pumping stamina
To increase your endurance, you will need to use the Zeus bench, which looks like an old weightlifting bench used by someone’s rich grandfather. To do this, you will need to use the Zeus Lighting, which can be obtained by performing Vaults of Tartaros, a red miniature volcano like the things you can find all over the map. Each improvement will give you one extra piece of endurance.

A great way to find both resources is to use foresight. To use foresight, click on the right stick for a second or two. Then scan the surrounding terrain. When your controller starts to vibrate and you hear a quiet buzzing sound, you’ll be close to finding something.

Scan the surrounding area with the grid, and you will find the hidden secret. Click on the suggestion button to open it. Then they will be marked on the map with different Ambrosia and Warehouses symbols, depending on what you find.

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