The author of Valve News Network, Tyler McVicker, said that Half-Life: Alyx has changed a lot thanks to Boneworks VR action recently released at Steam.

According to the insider, Stress Level Zero studio initially offered Valve to work on the game in the universe of Half-Life and Portal, but after a while it was rejected. Valve was strongly inspired by Boneworks and tested it for six months.

So in Half-Life: Alyx has a strong connection to physics and free movement without teleportation. As McVicker says, the scene from the trailer where Alyx is looking for ammo on the rack is a direct result of Boneworks.

Stress Level Zero never got permission to use the Half-Life franchise. That’s why the game is so similar to the universe of Half-Life and Portal, but is not a part of it. McVicker thinks that Valve was afraid that players would not be able to distinguish Boneworks from Half-Life: Alyx.

Earlier, McVicker said that Valve did not expect such a huge success of the Half-Life trailer: Alyx. Initially, the company thought to finish with the development of games in virtual reality after Alyx, as it watched the slow death of the VR-market.

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