Playerunknown’s battleground or PUBG has always been in the limelight. This game first released in 2017 for windows and PCs and so was widely known as PUBG PC. It’s an online multiplayer battle royale game, a mix of exploration, scavenging, survival, and last man standing. 

The game has mesmerizing sceneries, areas designed and inspired by real-life places. The large collection of weapons, skins, vehicles, and smart game mechanics turn this game into a masterpiece. The game takes its inspiration from the 2000 film Battle Royale and the objective is to kill other players while staying safe from other players. 

Cross-Platform Play or Crossplay

Cross-platform games are games that can be played on a different platform, devices with different OS. Biggest Advantage is Cross-Platform Games allow flexible gameplay with players playing on varying devices with unique controls. The variety of controller devices and Hardware on which players play the game with each other enhances the gaming experience.

Non-cross-platform games do not allow players from one device to play a game simultaneously with a player playing the same game on another device. Though different from cross-platform development, cross-platform play is related to it.

Advantages of Cross-Platform Play

The biggest advantage of cross-platform is the varying ease of gaming experience. Cross-platform allows you to play the same game with two or more different types of controllers. This helps the player to choose their ideal device to play on and extract their best skills.

Another advantage is the easy transfer of game progress from one device to another. If you started playing a popular game on a small device and reached a high level in it, make a career in streaming. And you decided it’s time to change the device, with cross-platform, you could easily do too. The cross-platform will allow you to start playing the game in a new device from where you left in the older one saving the trouble of starting from scratch.

PUBG and Cross-platform play

When PUBG was first released in 2017 for PC it was just a multiplayer shooter game. Not just any multiplayer game as it became one of the most played games on Steam.  The release of PUBG mobile brought some change in how the PUBG franchise was received.

PUBG mobile was the entry of a franchise in the Cross-platform games category. PUBG mobile could be played on Android and iOS both with the same Gamer ID. This could be counted as cross-platform, though both are smartphones but with different OS. 

When it was released on XBOX and Playstation 4, it was expected that the game would allow Cross-play but unfortunately, that did not happen. Even in mobile versions, the PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile lite does not allow cross-platform gameplay. Each version’s game progress is saved on different servers and no two players from different servers can have a match together.

But with further updates, last year cross-platform gameplay was released for XBOX and Playstation. Which allowed players to match between players from these two platforms. With this feature released in version Update, 6.2 Players from these two-different consoles could be matched, join custom matches, join squads, make friends and send invites.

The reason that PUBG PC does not support cross-platform play is justified given the fact that it’s easier to play PUBG on a larger screen. Also If cross-platform is released the PC players would have an advantage over Smartphone players. And Console players would have an advantage over PC players with also those ergonomic game designed controllers. 

Yet Players use emulators to play PUBG Mobile on the desktop which nullifies the above reason. As Emulators are supported by PUBG mobile and players are informed when an emulator player joins. So we can expect Cross-multiplayer between Computers, consoles, and other devices. 

PUBG as a complete cross-platform game

If PUBG becomes a complete cross-platform game, it would also attract gamers of the famous game Like The Division. With a unique concept in cross-platform PUBG can gain more players and might as well lose some.

The reason being gamers who wanted to play PUBG PC could now play on smaller and cheaper devices and can later switch to PC. So this will attract players. And there can be players who find this decision as biased and more in favor of PC gamers and would eventually stop playing the game.


The simple and honest conclusion is that PUBG is not a completely Cross-platform game but to some extent it is. If you’re an Xbox user or PS4 user, it is a cross-platform for you. But if you play PUBG on a Desktop then the game is not cross-platform for you. 

But don’t lose hope as Emulators are the bridge between PUBG in PC and Android. There is the scope of an update to a complete-cross platform game. Of course, that wouldn’t be possible without compromise in the gameplay data of one platform. But who knows you may get an update favoring every platform after all the franchise of PUBG is known for doing things like this! 

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