Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII Remake is a rethinking of the legendary jRPG of the ’90s where Cloud, Aerit, Tifa and Barrett came out into the modern world. Since this time the fight is more action oriented and you can switch between the band members on the fly, it leads to one question – Is there a cooperative in Final Fantasy 7 Remake and can you play it together?

Is there a cooperative at the Final Fantasy 7 Remake and is it possible to play it together?
In short, there is no cooperative mode in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Final Fantasy VII has always been a one-player game since it was originally released on PlayStation 1. Yes, and most jRPGs are usually games for one player.

Although you can switch to other characters during battles, only one person can control the game at a time, and the connection of a second controller will not affect anything.

There is a small chance that the game may be updated to allow you and your friend to control different members of the group in battle. However, Final Fantasy XV, for example, received a multiplayer mode, and the battle is similar in many ways to Final Fantasy 7.

If anything changes, we will definitely update this article accordingly.

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