The Dutch studio Artificial Core has announced an isometric MMORPG with a fog of war and a seamless open world called Corepunk. The game is developed on the Unity engine and has a bright cartoon style.

In Corepunk, players can explore a variety of regions in search of loot chests, rare monsters, traveling merchants with special items or events on maps. Also, a great emphasis is placed on PvP, where the fog of war opens up a wide space for tactics. Dungeons are generated randomly, but in addition to them, there are raids, quests, crafting and extractive professions, arenas and battlescrews, guilds, farms and more. In addition, promised a deep and elaborate lore.

The model of distribution has not yet been determined, but the developers have assured that they are fundamentally against Pay-to-Win. Open beta testing is expected in the fourth quarter of 2020, and before that the CBT phase will be held. Its date will be announced later, but for now you can apply on the official website.

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