Jagged Alliance : A Synopsis of the Storyline and Plot

Jagged Alliance is a turn-based strategy game franchise that first debuted in 1994 with the release of Jagged Alliance. The series is known for its tactical gameplay, diverse cast of mercenary characters, and engaging storyline. In this article, we will provide an overview of the storyline and plot throughout the series.

The original Jagged Alliance begins in the fictional country of Metavira located in South America. The player takes on the role of a commander who hires a squad of mercenaries to overthrow an evil ruler named Deidranna Reitman, who has taken control through illegal means. The mercenaries must fight their way through her regime and reach her palace to take her out once and for all.

In its sequel Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games, players are still fighting against Deidranna’s regime but are also competing against other mercenary teams in a tournament-like format called ‘deadly games.’ This iteration emphasizes more customization options to personalize your playthrough as well as expanding upon new features like bigger maps.

Jagged Alliance 2 continues where the story left off within the same setting; Arulco-just north-west from Metavira-where you engage thematically-related villain Enrico Chivaldori. In this version, players have full control over crafting their own team made up out of different mercenaries from all around Arulco with unique abilities or specialties to tackle each mission from various angles.

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action serves as both a remake and reimagining of Jagged Alliance 2 by updating it visually while utilizing enhanced mechanics like hotkeys that improve gameplay elements such as inventory management or character interactions (including affecting your mercs’ personal relationships).

The most recent game-release within the franchise is Jagged-Alaince Rage! which present itself with an entirely new perspective (meaning top down instead fo iso-metric) along with changes related to Map-layouts adding some nonlinear roads that can be traveled along-with crafting mechanics like weapons and item creation.

In conclusion, the Jagged Alliance series has a rich and continuing storyline that follows groups of mercenaries fighting corrupt governments or insidious businessmen in various countries. The series maintains its core gameplay mechanic while injecting variations with each new release, keeping it entertaining yet familiar for long-time fans.

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  1. As a longtime fan of the Jagged Alliance franchise, I was happy to see an article that provided a comprehensive overview of the series’ storyline and plot. The article did a great job of highlighting the tactical gameplay and engaging characters that make the games so memorable. Overall, I would highly recommend this article to anyone interested in the series or turn-based strategy games in general.

  2. As a big fan of the Jagged Alliance franchise, I found this article to be a great overview of the storyline and plot throughout the series. It was interesting to read about the original game’s setting in the fictional country of Metavira and the diverse cast of mercenaries available to the player. Overall, a great read for both fans and newcomers to the series.

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