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Jagged Alliance is a classic tactical RPG that has been loved by gamers since its inception. The character creation process is one of the most important aspects of this game, as it determines the success or failure of your team in each mission. This guide will take you through the character creation process step-by-step so that you can create the ultimate team to achieve your objectives.

Step 1 – Choose Your Difficulty Level

The first decision you’ll need to make is what level of difficulty you want to play on. There are three levels: Beginner, Advanced, and Expert. Each level has different strengths and weaknesses for your characters, so choose carefully depending on your play style.

Step 2 – Picking Your Starting Characters

You start with six pre-made characters selected for their stats and abilities. They all have unique skills and specializations that will help them excel in different situations. These pre-made characters can be replaced with custom ones at a later stage in the game.

Step 3 – Creating Custom Characters

Once you are familiar with how Jagged Alliance works , creating custom characters becomes incredibly rewarding as it lets you control every aspect from strength to weapon proficiency making it easier to complete missions successfully.There are five key attributes that apply across all playable characters:

Strength – Determines damage done by melee attacks.
Dexterity – Improves accuracy when shooting firearms.
Agility – Affects initiative order during combat rounds.
Wisdom- Enhances performance-based skills; such as lockpicking and medical care.
Leadership – Affects morale boosting ability for other squad members.

When creating custom people keep in mind unique skills they possess which have inherent associated bonuses.Certain traits carry special advantages such as extra action/turns or additional moves per turn..As well they often come paired with cons such trade-offs like slower movement speed or less hit points due to lower dexterity scores.

It’s essential also take class into consideration.Console yourself; Do I need a medic? A heavy hitter or marksman ? Or a utility expert like lock pickers and ones that can defuse explosives?

Step 4 – Equipping Your Squad

Now that you have created your characters, it’s time to gear them up for the combat zone. Choose their weapons keeping in mind their strengths and needs for success on missions experience.

This is all assuming you’ve unlocked additional items throughout game play consisting of armor, guns, ammunition etc.
Getting into battles you then may realize special gear is needed so take operation requires into consideration. Examples include add-ons like silencers, extra clips,machine guns to counter large numbers of enemies,and armour-piercing bullets.

Step 5 – Training Your Squad

The more your squad completes missions successfully the greaterthe investment upgrades and training are worth.Consider specializing one class to enhance its performance through resources further.It’s crucial also keep leveling up skills such as marksmanship or lockpicking to continue smashing barriers as they get tougher.

In conclusion,…

…Character creation is an important process in Jagged Alliance. It requires thought, strategy,and planning since it’s crucial for determining how successful each mission was.Includes handling aforementioned factors such as Difficulty levels down ,to equipping tailored gear and training crew members effectively for use on battlefield.The game has been around since 1994 with many expanded sequels and still manages keep these elements challenging with unique story-lines.You will spend hours upgrading base-game mechanics including modifiers on weapons against enemy factional bosses,infiltrating bases to pursue objectives.,and executing team tactics effortlessly.
Jagged Alliance provides an exciting journey!

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  1. This guide is a must-read for anyone who wants to create a successful team in Jagged Alliance. The step-by-step process is well-explained and the tips are very useful. I especially liked the section on selecting the right skills for each character. The guide is also well-organized and easy to navigate. Highly recommended!

  2. Great guide for character creation in Jagged Alliance. The step-by-step process is easy to follow and the explanations are clear. I especially appreciate the emphasis on the importance of the character creation process in determining the success of your team in each mission. Well done!

  3. As a fan of Jagged Alliance, I found this guide to be very helpful in creating my team. The instructions are concise and easy to understand. The guide covers all the important aspects of character creation, including choosing the right difficulty level, selecting the right skills, and creating a balanced team. Thanks for the great guide!

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