Jagged Alliance release date: What we know so far″

Jagged Alliance is an upcoming tactical role-playing game that has gamers eagerly waiting for its release. The game is being developed by THQ Nordic and being published by HandyGames. It will be available on various gaming platforms including PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. As of now, the specific release date of Jagged Alliance has not been declared officially but there is some information available which gives us a fair idea of when we can expect the game to be launched.

Firstly, THQ Nordic had stated that the game would be launched in Fall 2021 which leads us to believe that the release date should fall between September to November 2021. However, no fixed dates have been announced so far.

Secondly, during one of their recent press conferences at E3 2021 event held virtually amidst ongoing Covid-19 pandemic on June 14th it was announced that they would soon roll-out more updates regarding Jagged Alliance’s release-date as well as other things related to this anticipated strategy title in coming months- thereby indicating a possibility of getting further updates shortly before going into next phase ultimately aligning with initial target launch window.

Thirdly, some online retailers such as Amazon have listed October 12th or October 15th as possible launch dates for Jagged Alliance although these dates are subject to change until an official announcement is made by THQ Nordic or HandyGames themselves.

In summary, while no exact launch date has yet been announced for Jagged Alliance but considering various factors listed here it can be reasonably assumed Fall-Winter’21 seems like an expected timeframe when we might expect one however final call can only be confirmed once developers announce something directly from their side so keep your eyes ears open if you’re among many fans looking forward eagerly towards this RPG-tactical combat fusion delight.

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  1. As a Nintendo Switch owner, I am always on the lookout for new games to play on my device. Jagged Alliance seems like a game that will be perfect for the Switch and I can

  2. THQ Nordic has a reputation for developing some amazing games and I am sure Jagged Alliance will be no exception. The game

  3. I am a big fan of tactical role-playing games and Jagged Alliance has definitely caught my attention. The fact that it will be available on multiple platforms is great news for gamers like me who like to switch between devices. I am eagerly waiting for the official release date announcement and can

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