Meet our tips for Journey to the Savage Planet. In “Journey to the Savage Planet” you can find alien chests. These grey chests have three drawn symbols, but how do I open them?

To open the “Journey to a Savage Planet” alien chests, you will need to use the tool that you had from the beginning: the scanner. The trick is to find each of the three scan points hidden in the immediate vicinity of the chest, and then scan them.

Each of the chests has three symbols and three symbols on the ground around them: a circle, a triangle and a square. When you first find the chest, each of the symbols on the ground will be red, indicating that the nearest pedestal was not scanned. Once the pedestal has been scanned, its corresponding shape will turn blue.

Journey to the Savage Planet guide - how to open alien chests

The form will indicate the general location of your pedestal. Sometimes the pedestals you need to scan are in hard-to-reach places or require you to go through the game late to find them. For example, one of the early alien chests has a pedestal hidden in amber. The only way to do that is to use a bomb, which you can only do after receiving an update that will appear a little later in the game. Use your scanner to scan adjacent pedestals to unlock the alien chest.

Once you have scanned all the nearby pedestals, the chest will open and you can get your reward! The prize is an alien alloy, a vital ingredient for improving your equipment, and a must for full synchronization of the game.

Now that you know how to open chests in “Journey to the Savage Planet”.

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