Are you tired of these electric doors in Journey to the Savage Planet that close when you get too close? There’ s a trick to keeping them open.

Journey to the Savage Plate has a lot of these electric doors. These doors look like a big circle with a blue button on top. As soon as you get close, the door closes. No matter how fast you are, you can’t get in without the right tools.

Technically, you do not open these electric doors, as the trick is to prevent them from closing. To keep these electric round doors open, you must use electricity to close the blue button. When you electrocute the blue button, the door will freeze.

Journey to the Savage Planet guide - how to open closing doors

Now it can be done in one of two ways. Sometimes electric aliens walk in the common area. If you can lure one to the door and lock it up, you can go into a small room and get your loot.

The other option is to unlock the Shock Fruit Stabilizer update. This update allows you to carry and hold the Shock Fruit Stabilizer. Holding the fruit in your hand, step away from the door to open it, aim and press the blue button and then hold the tool button to hit the door. This will keep the door “stunned”, allowing you to quickly run in and grab the treasure. For this method you will need to get alien alloys to upgrade the tool.

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