In this Journey To The Savage Planet guide, we want to tell you how to play online with a friend, how to transfer resources and share resources, skills, equipment and more.

As well as being able to play on your own, Journey To The Savage Planet also provides an online cooperative for you and your friend to explore the world of play together. Cooperative mode plays a little differently than the game itself.

How to start playing online with a friend

To start playing online with a friend in the cooperative, no special effort is required. The cooperative in Journey To The Savage Planet is available from the main menu on the Cooperative tab. The person who clicks on this tab will be the host of the co-op game. From this menu, you can invite your friend via PSN. Once they have joined, click “Start the game”. Unfortunately, local multiscreen collaboration is not supported.

When you start the game, the existing stored data of the Host will be used, if it already exists, otherwise newly stored data will be created and you will start the game from the beginning.

Journey To The Savage Planet guide - How to play in a cooperative online with a friend, shared resources, skills, equipment and more.

When playing in a cooperative, any materials that you find, as well as any collection items that you take, or drops of Orange Goo that you eat, will be distributed to both players. Therefore, if one player eats an Orange Goo ball to raise the level, the other player will also automatically receive this bonus, without having to physically consume the ball. If you need more information on how to upgrade, you can read our upgrade guide.

This also applies to any skills you have acquired on your 3D printer. If one person decides to buy the upgraded reload speed for your weapon, both players will receive the upgrade and the materials required to make it will be used from both players’ stocks. This way, you will need to communicate with your partner if you want to specialize in unloading.

Also, if you want to finish the session, only the host player will keep his state of conservation, items, resources, and materials. During the course connecting the player, the saving data and resources will be lost. So, Journey to the Savage Planet will not allow you to play with the same friend for several sessions and develop together. However, in single-player or other co-player games, the co-owner can return to where he or she has stayed and saved all his or her progress.

This covers everything you need to know about Journey to the Savage Planet cooperative mode.

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