Your goal in Journey to the Savage Planet is to collect as much data as possible for Kindred Aerospace. The problem is that you need to raise your rank to unlock the tools so that you can keep exploring the world. Here is how you can upgrade your rank in Journey to the Savage Planet.

Journey to the Savage Planet – how to raise your rank.

Increasing your rating on a trip to a wild planet

At the very beginning of your adventure, you will simply have the main tasks to complete. Soon you will get several global goals and secondary factors, and with them you will get ‘scientific experiments’.

This can be tracked by opening your journal. This can be done by clicking the ‘View’ button on the Xbox One (to the left of the big Xbox button in the centre of your controller) or by tapping the touch panel on the PS4.

Scientific experiments are mostly similar to quests on the “Journey to the Savage Planet”. They can ask you to collect living specimens from creatures, kill creatures in a certain way or scan a certain percentage of the planet’s ecosystem.

Scroll through your Logbook last to find the Scientific Experiments. The top section here will always explain what you need to do to get the next rank, as shown in the screenshot below.

Simply complete the Scientific Experiments as they appear, and you will be promoted to Savage Planet Journey. It is so easy.

What raises your ranking?

Every time you go up to the status of “Journey to a Wild Planet”, you will unlock more updates and items that can be printed on a 3D printer on Javelin.

Be sure to check it as soon as you raise your rating, because many of them are important for complete the game.

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