Journey to the Savage Planet is not an easy game to play as it may seem at first sight. The bizarre and colorful design of the game hides its complexity caused by secrets, various collectible items and local scientific experiments. But you have nothing to be afraid of, because in this guide we will tell you eight tips that will help you to learn the game’s world.

Use the opportunity to slide…

There are many ways to move around the planet AR-Y 26, but the slide is as important as a classic running or jet pack. It is most useful in moments when you need to restore your endurance or evade enemy attacks.

To slide, press Shift and then C (left stick and B for Xbox/Left stick and O for PlayStation).

Follow the route and keep track of the markers.

The markers will help you navigate the AR-Y 26. It should be noted that the colors of the markers depend on the purpose of their use. So, the purple one shows you your next mission, the yellow one shows you the current mission, and the orange one shows you the ship.

The arrows near each of the markers show the direction in which you need to go. If the marker has two arrows, it means that you must first go up and go in the right direction.

Use the alien teleporters to move around quickly.

You’ll find the AR-Y 26 exciting at first, but the further you go, the more distant you’ll have to go. By searching for and activating alien teleports, you can quickly move to places you’ve been before. Look for a portal in every new territory you find yourself in to simplify your gameplay.

Journey to the Savage Planet guide - tips for beginners

Don’t be afraid to shoot.

While exploring the planet you will encounter a huge number of different animals and plants that you can explore with a scanner. But what’s more, you can shoot at them, thus killing them.

All organisms will give you a loot, which you will need for upgrades, and silicon, carbon and aluminum are needed to create new objects.

Upgrade your inventory every time it’s possible.

Once you have collected enough resources, you can improve your weapon, scanner or anything else. But you also need to find alien alloys to upgrade your equipment. They are scattered all over the planet in secret locations and often are part of puzzles, so make sure that you are exploring every nook on AR-Y 26.

Moreover, different animals will be trying to kill you all the time, so you will have to defend yourself. There will be a lot of loot coming out of them, as we wrote above, so you will definitely need to improve your inventory so that you can collect it all.

Explore the areas you’ve already covered.

Journey to the Savage Planet is a game that you can play in 15-20 hours if you follow a story only. Moreover, the game even has an achievement that you can get by passing the game in 4 hours.

The fact is that Journey to the Savage Planet is revealed only at the moment when you decide to unravel the secrets of the game. As you pass, you will encounter places that you do not have access to. Remember them and come back a little later, because there will definitely be a pleasant surprise for you, for example, a new jet pack.

Scientific experiments are worth doing.

After a certain point in passing, you will unlock additional tasks called “Scientific Experiments”. When you complete one task, you will get one of the four Experimenter Ranks, which will give you access to certain improvements.

Some of these are easy to accomplish, such as getting live samples of a life form. But there are other, more complex tasks that are based on your skills. Read carefully what is required of you in each of the experiments, because there will surely be clues.

It’s normal for you to die.

Despite your efforts, sooner or later you will die. When you die, you will appear in your ship, in the bio-cloning chamber. If you return to the place where you died, you will be able to collect your resources, as well as gain an achievement if you take a picture of your corpse.

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