At the beginning of your King of Seas adventure, the only friendly settlements belong to the pirate faction. But soon after you start the game you will have the opportunity to attack and conquer ports and settlements. In this King of Seas guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about conquering ports and settlements.

How to conquer ports and settlements in King of Seas
After defeating Captain Henry, you must reach level 35. Once you do that, conquering a settlement and ports in King of Seas becomes a fairly simple matter.

All you have to do is destroy the nearest fort (a building with several cannons next to the settlement). After the explosion, the area will be yours.

Ideally, you’ll want to blow up the fort with your cannons, moving from side to side until the defense is nullified. However, there are some good shipboard tricks you can use if you want to make combat easier:

Use aether navigation to get out of dodge quickly, or an army of gulls to level the damage.

Engage a pirate squad for area damage, as there will be merchant ships in the area. There are also Royal Navy ships that will arrive when the fort has less than 50% health. The Haunted Ship (galleon) and the Magic Whirlpool (frigate) aren’t bad options either.

Finally, Dead Men Tell No Tales (frigate) fires cannons from both sides of your ship.

After capturing three new settlements as part of the main King of Seas quest, you can upgrade facilities in Eagle’s Lair and other pirate-owned territories:

Population – gives you additional side quests in the tavern and helps in hiring crew members.

Military Strength – Increases health as well as defense of the fort and other cannons.

Wealth – increases the amount of gold the city passively gains over time.

Although the quest in King of Seas requires you to conquer three ports for the pirate faction, you can continue to expand your territory as much as you like.

How to Conquer Ports and Settlements in King of Seas
Remember that the following settlements cannot be conquered within the sandbox: Eagle’s Lair (Pirates), King’s Fortress (Royal Navy) and Tortuga (Merchants). For everything else, the Royal Navy and Merchants will try to retake other towns that you have already captured for pirates.

You will be warned if enemy forces approach your territories (fleets are marked on the map). You can ignore them if you want, but in that case you are highly likely to lose your newly acquired harbors if you are not careful. Likewise, destroying these invasion nets is rewarding.

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