Since Last Oasis doesn’t have a separate server for PvE, you’ll often have to face other players and fight with them. We’ve decided to put together some tips and tell you how PvP works in Last Oasis.

Since the servers have just opened, the main focus will be on improving PvP battles, as few will have dangerous long range weapons at an early stage, try to quickly create a resurrection point, how to do it, read our tips on the game.

PvP tips in Last Oasis
Close combat weapons have four characteristics: damage, penetration, attack speed and area of influence. Each of these characteristics will differ for different types of weapons, so choose the weapon that suits you best, especially at the beginning of your Oasis adventures.

Last Oasis guide - How PvP Works.

Armor also has three characteristics: % damage, health level and speed modifier. Getting good armor is incredibly important, as it will be used to block blows and reduce damage.

Another great aspect of this game is Captures. When you finish the quest, you will already have a basic skill, which can be replaced by the other two from the skill tree. A gripping hook will guide you to your enemies and prevent them from escaping from you, which is an important element in close combat.

How to heal in Last Oasis
And finally, if you get a lot of damage, so as not to die you will need to treat your hero, how can you do it better? You can use bandages for that. In case you can’t heal and die, there will be a 60-second timer, which prevents your revival.

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