As we approach summer, the idea of being outside and enjoying the warm weather is alluring. But then again, sometimes it can just be too hot, and it’s nice to chill inside in the shade. After all, we’ve had well over a year of getting used to that. The best thing to do while you’re inside relaxing? Enjoy all the latest games that are coming out across the various platforms.

Thankfully, Xbox and PlayStation players don’t have to upgrade to the latest consoles just yet to enjoy the same games, which is good, as we’ve seen some masterpieces being released recently, with yet more to come.

But first, a little update about Star Wars

Well, we’d like to give you an update about the Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga game, but we’re as much in the dark as you are. Slated for a release in 2020 and then postponed to later this year, there has still been no news about it. It was going to be a perfect game to enjoy mid-lockdown, especially coming in the wake of the end of the latest Star Wars film. Star Wars games are cool, and here you could play all nine of the films, see all the characters and try out new gaming dynamics. Now when you mention the game or look it up, you’ll just be greeted with tumbleweed. We’d like to think that it’ll come out this year but don’t get your hopes up. Instead, why not check out some of these latest releases.

Retros and revisits

Some games are just so good that you have to keep going back and playing them, even if that meant dusting off the old PlayStation 2 and loading it up. Final Fantasy VII was one of those games, and in 2020 it finally got its re-release with its upgraded visuals, giving everyone the chance to enjoy playing as Cloud Strife again. Now, it’s been enhanced that little bit more for the PlayStation 5. Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade takes things up a notch and also gives you a new campaign where you play as a young ninja, Yuffie, on a mission to infiltrate Shinra headquarters.

Also available at the end of June is Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX. Alex Kidd was known to many players in the 80s as the face of the Master System console, but as soon as Mario became the mainstay of Nintendo, Sega dropped poor Alex for Sonic the Hedgehog instead. However, since there’s been a surge in popularity of bringing back old characters, such as the Streets of Rage 4 game, now Alex Kidd is back in his own remake. And it’s available to play across all consoles too. 

But one of the best remakes to look out for is The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD. It’s been almost ten years since it was out, and now it’s fully optimized for the Nintendo Switch, so it will be much more enjoyable to play. Though, to be honest, any remastered Zelda game will go down a treat.

The magic of handheld

While Game Boys now seem a thing of the past, mobile gaming has taken over, and we see fun new games to play each month. Diablo Immortal brings the hack ‘n slash experience to your fingertips, and the long-awaited Project Odin is also one to watch out for – an epic MMORPG that’s been touted as the first mobile game to use 3D scan and motion capture to give you a real immersive playing experience.

Even online casino games are being updated and revamped, giving you new slot games to enjoy as they grow in popularity. Slot developers like NetEnt always release new titles, including games like Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen and Fruit Shop Megaways. Don’t forget to check the Google Play Store and App Store to see the latest game releases. There’s also the chance you can download a beta version, like the latest Walking Dead game, and help contribute to its improvement.

Everyone loves a good crawler

Latest Game Releases to Get Excited About

Since Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance was remastered and released, there’s been a huge outcry for more games in this vein. You can only play Diablo III (where is Diablo IV?)so many times before you look to new warrior classes, storylines, and loot to explore. Created from scratch and soon to be released is Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance.

It must just be something in the name as this is another dungeon-laden game that you can play cooperatively or by yourself as you defeat monster armies and upgrade your character along the way. It’s a familiar formula, but one that’s so popular that players keep flocking back to games like this. If you’re looking for some monster vanquishing fun to play on your Xbox/Xbox Series X or PlayStation 4/5, then this is it.

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