Here we accumulate the latest news about the alleged new “Prince of Persia” from Ubisoft. The leak occurred on Reddit and it is up to you to believe or not. To one person, the developer sent some interesting rumors about the next Prince of Persia game.

The game is called Prince of Persia: Dark Babylon. It happens after “Two Thrones” in alternative, almost dystopian version of Babylon, that you can explore to some extent. The gameplay will be very similar to the trilogy, but will be slightly different. You play for the senior prince. The main antagonist is the evil version of the Prince, which comes from another alternative time. You will be able to adjust the Prince’s armor and abilities, as in the new God of War, which seems to draw a lot of inspiration from.

This is scheduled to be announced at the PlayStation meeting in February, and it will be interagency. The release date is early 2021.

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