Lead designer David Kim talks about the Diablo 4 items system

After the first article telling us about the feedback received at Blizzcon, David Kim, lead designer of Diablo 4, published a post about system design in the game with new, more interesting information.

First, he told us about the moments he thought were the most important. First of all, about the useful “prey” and the difficulties in finding it. The company will follow its slogan “Easy to learn, hard to learn” in Diablo 4. But the loot system will be different from the previous parts, even despite the comments of players with requests to add systems equivalent to Diablo 2 or Diablo 3. Speaking of differences, Kim spoke about Affixes, the effects of objects.

They came to them after a lot of arguments in the team.

Magic items, rare and legendary, will receive more affixes
Three new character characteristics will be added (angelic strength, demonic strength and ancestral strength)
Angelic power, which increases the duration of any useful effects (such as bonuses or personal effects).
Demonic force that increases the duration of all negative effects (e.g., damage over time).
An ancestral force that increases the frequency of the effects of attacks (increased odds of triggering).
New characteristics are a statue of, for example, +15 to angelic force. They are also needed to activate affixes on objects (e.g. 50 angelic forces are required to activate the object with +25% fire resistance, etc.).

What’s interesting is that each of the types of characteristics will be associated with the list of affixes. Then you will have to give preference to certain stats depending on the preferred effects. However, the desire to achieve ideal characteristics may make the player want to switch to a new force. Thus, legendary items should have less impact on players.

As for the characteristics of the attack or defense, the developers were well aware that they should not become the main ones. As a result, they will be completely removed from various decorations. The attack, meanwhile, will be available only on weapons, and the defense – only on parts of the armor. In any case, the team’s desire to create a unified and balanced system, when the power of objects will complement the various spells, is clearly felt.

The last very interesting point is the removal of ancient legendary items in their present form. Instead, the players themselves will create some semblance of these items at the expense of new consumables (so far there is no name). It will be available only at high levels and used to add a random legendary affix to any not legendary item.

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