Library of Ruina is a new card game, which is something like Slay the Spire, but with deeper story. If you are new to the genre and have any problems with the game, the guide, where we have collected basic tips and tricks for you, will help you in this.

The Library Of Ruina Guide – tips and tricks for beginners

Tips for the library
Pages will not be saved while moving between floors. In other words, try to distribute the number of pages that you enter into the book;
To get new pages, you need to add more pages to your book often, otherwise you will get the same page.

Tips for battle
To deal with enemies who are in chess order, right click on the cube above their head.

If the Realize Page button in the library is gray, just restart the game;
Sometimes you’ll have to use the arrows next to the NumPud to sort your moves.

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