Despite the fact that Lineage 2M is a mobile game, it includes a number of interesting and unusual mechanics, but their learning is complicated by the lack of at least English. That’s why in this article we will begin to study the game with the main systems \ features.


Even before the release of the game, the developers of Lineage 2M said that the classes will be implemented in a very unusual way, as a result, we got a system of cards that are tied to a particular type of weapons.
The card is a kind of image for your character, changing the appearance of the armor, increasing the basic characteristics and opening the so-called awakening (if I understood correctly the increase of abilities).

Lineage 2M - classes, abilities, stats and Trust quests

All cards are divided into grayscale from grey to purple (red is the intermediate between blue and purple), the higher the grade, the more bonuses the card contains, for example, only beginning with the blue mentioned above awakening appear.
In one grade there are several cards for one type of weapon, and they differ in the above categories and the user can apply the appearance of a dwarf on his person. By the way, the game still has dark elves, but only as cards (blue and purple gray).

Lineage 2M - classes, abilities, stats and Trust quests

Get new cards can only perform various gaming activities or buy one of the sets in the game store for donation, but do not be happy now, as they all work on a random basis. That is, even if you buy a top set of 10 cards, it does not mean that you will drop all the purple or red.
Also, you will not be able to put a purple card on the character level 10 because of the system of class development, leveling the character you open access to the next grade of the card, it is displayed in a special interface.

Trust Quests

In the world of Lineage 2M there are several different types of quests, but among them the so-called 신탁, which is translated as trust, oracle, divine message
You can get them from a statue (star icon) in large cities or use white scrolls, which are awarded for certain quests, as well as they are purchased in the game store for the currency of Achievements \ Achievements.

Lineage 2M - classes, abilities, stats and Trust quests

Trust quests I would describe as a random: the first is the ability to update 20 times the additional rewards until you find the items you need, and the second is how this award is given.
At the end of the quest, the award icons are flipped over so you don’t see them and then mixed up, then the player is given the opportunity to randomly select one square and see what’s behind it. Thus, you do not always get what you took the quest for.
Run such quests can only be 10 times a day, but at the same time to register in the book of quests only 7, so you will have to return to the statue a second time. Whether it’s worth it or not, it’s up to each player to do it personally, I mentioned them only because of the next point about ability.


Skills, or character abilities, are studied only through the use of learning books, like most subjects, and are divided into gradations ranging from green to purple.
Green books are bought from the NPC in the initial city, but then everything becomes a little more complicated.
Two books (blue and red) are sold at the more advanced NPC, but their price is around 5-20kk of adene, which makes buying a rather difficult goal at the initial levels.

If you click on almost any ability, in the description of receipt you will find sources such as a regular drop and, most importantly, trust quests blue and above the grade. For example, in the store (second tab on the top, third on the right) the fourth scroll on the top contains at least two books (blue and red gray), which you can try to get, but first of all, the roles to be both for your weapons, which is easy to check by the gun icon on them. There is also an option to buy from an auction, but this is a story for a particular topic.

Lineage 2M - classes, abilities, stats and Trust quests

It is important to note that in addition to the class abilities, there are so-called global (the last tab in the book), they are bought from the NPC, standing near the statue, and sold for the currency of trust quests.
Basically, the global tab contains passive abilities that enhance the various additional parameters of the character, the only active ability is teleport (most likely, it works the same way as the scrolls).

As for using the abilities, the player needs to assign skids to the taskbar and then slip down (holding down the paintbrush and drag down) to enable auto mode.
Note that the quick access panel at the bottom does not contain five cells, but four tabs of five cells each.
In total, 20 skills can be placed, and the character will use the skills regardless of which tab is currently active.

Characteristics (Stats)

Clicking on the huge level numbers in the lower-left corner, you get to the character characteristics interface. The interface is divided into a screen of basic characteristics and detailed information about the character, that is, the second tab contains various indicators, which are influenced by various factors.
Below you will find a detailed translation of all the characteristics, but as I am quite lazy to transfer all this to the picture (especially secondary), settle for a list. Keep in mind that it follows the same sequence as in the game, and for the minor ones, I will also leave the original in Korean.

Let’s start with a little explanation to make it clear to everyone:
Miles are an acronym for “close combat”, as this significantly reduces long lines.
The Range is a long-range battle.
In the main characteristics of quite often there is a mention of “…. hit” (in Korean 명중), which is exactly what the developers mean by this I do not understand, so left the English version. Hence, close hit, range hit, mage hit may mean the probability of being hit by an attack without missed.
Skill resistance – I can assume that this means increasing the resistance to abilities, but it is inaccurate and most likely unlikely.
If the English translation means that I couldn’t find the most suitable option, there are several of them and I’m not sure if they’re correct or I can’t understand what the developers are up to.
Almost at the end, instead of translating, there will be question marks (????). These are the eight points I didn’t fully understand, or rather, I couldn’t make out the first part. Some people’s postscript 내성 at the end means resistance to \, while others have 적중, which, by the way, is translated in the same way as 명중
In the end there are four lines that I understand are tied to the nipples (정령탄), so I don’t really understand the translation.

Lineage 2M - classes, abilities, stats and Trust quests

STR – damage in miles, close hit, damage crate value in miles.
DEX – Range of damage, range hit, damage criterion value in the rang.
INT – Magic damage, mage hit, magic damage criterion.
CON (build) – maximum HP reserve, HP recovery rate per tick, protection.
AGI (agility) – attack speed, evasion of a mile of attacks, evasion of range attacks, evasion of magic attacks.
WIS (Wisdom) – maximum MP reserve, MP recovery rate per tick, skill resistance, increased damage to abilities, increased healing power.

Key (핵심 능력)
근거리 대미지 – damage in close combat.
근거리 명중 – close hit.
근거리 치명타 – damage crit value in close combat
무기 대미지 – weapon damage.
추가 대미지 – additional damage.
치명타 시 시 추가 대미지 – additional damage during crashing.
더블 확률 – the probability of damage twice (like that).
공격속도 – attack speed.
이동속도 – Movement speed.
시전 속도 – caste speed.
최대 HP – maximum HP reserve.
HP 회복 (틱) – HP recovery speed per tick.
최대 소지 무게 – Maximum carryable weight.
근거리 대미지 리덕션 – Reduce damage from a mile of attacks.
원거리 대미지 리덕션 – Reduce damage from rang attacks.
마법 대미지 리덕션 – Reduce damage from magic attacks.
방어력 – Protection.
근거리 회피 – Evasion of a mile of attacks.
원거리 회피 – Evasion of Range Attacks.
마법 회피 – Evasion of magic attacks.
최대 MP – maximum MP reserve.
MP 회복 (틱) – MP recovery speed per tick.
MP소모 감소 – MP consumption reduction.
스킬 저항 – skill resistance.
원거리 대미지 – damage rating.
원거리 명중 – range hit.
원거리 치명타 – damage rate in the Range.
마법 대미지 – magic damage.
마법 명중 – mage hit.
마법 치명타 – magic damage criterion.
Auxiliary (보조 능력)
무기 데미지 증폭 – increased damage to weapons.
스킬 대미지 증폭 – increase damage to abilities.
힐 증폭 – Enhance healing.
대미지 리덕션 무시 – Ignoring damage reduction.
물약 회복률 – Potion Recovery Rate.
물약 회복량 – Potion Recovery.
HP 절대회복 – HP Absolute Recovery.
MP 절대회복 – MP Absolute Recovery
HP 회복 페널티 무시 – Ignoring the HP recovery fine.
MP 회복 페널티 무시 – Ignoring the MP Recovery Fee.
쿨타임 감소 – Reduced recharging time, simply put, reduced CD. It does not specify which Dkz.
근거리 치명타 저항 – Resistance to critical damage in close combat
원거리 치명타 저항 – Resistance to critical damage.
마법 치명타 저항 – Resistance to critical damage.
물속성대미지 – water damage.
불 속성 대미지 – fire damage.
바람 속성대미지 – wind damage.
땅속성대미지 – natural damage.
신성 속성 대미지 – holy damage.
암흑 속성대미지 – damage by darkness.
물 속성 대미지 증폭 – water damage enhancement.
불 속성 대미지 증폭 – fire damage enhancement.
바람 속성 대미지 증폭 – Wind damage enhancement.
땅 속성 대미지 증폭 – increase of natural damage.
신성 속성 대미지 증폭 – increase of the holy damage.
암훅 속성 대미지 증폭 – increase of darkness damage.
물 속성 저항 – Resistance to water damage.
불 속성 저항 – Resistance to fire damage.
바람 속성 저항 – Resistance to wind damage.
땅속성저항 – Resistance to natural damage.
신성 속성 저항 – Resistance to holy damage.
암혹 속성 저항 – Resistance to damage from darkness.
홀드적중 – ???
스턴 적중 – ???
헤이트 적중 – ???
홀드 내성 – Retention resistance (???)
스턴 내성 – resistance to the mill.
헤이트 내성 – ???
상태이상 적중 – ???
상태이상 내성 – resistance to control effects
PvP 근거리 추가 대미지 – damage to PvP for miles.
PvP 근거리 명중 – close hit in PvP.
PvP 원거리 추가 대미지 – PvP damage rating.
PvP 원거리 명중 – range hit in PvP.
PvP 마법 추가 대미지 – Magic damage in PvP.
PvP 마법 명중 – mage hit in PvP.
PvP 치명타 – critical damage in PvP.
PvP 근거리 회피 – Evasion of damage per mile in PvP.
PvP 원거리 회피 – Evasion of PvP damage rating.
PvP 마법 회피 – Evasion of magic damage in PvP.
PvP 근거리 대미지 리덕션 – Resistance of a mile to damage in PvP.
PvP 원거리 대미지 리덕션 – Resistance to PvP Range Damage.
PvP 마법 대미지 리덕션 – Resistance to magic damage in PvP.
정령탄 명중 – damage to soulshots (nipples).
정령탄 무기 대미지 – elemental Weapon damage.
정령탄 무기 대미지 – elemental Weapon Damage Boost
정령탄 추가 대미지 – elemental Bomb Damage
화살 데미지 – arrow damage.
추가 사거리 – extra range
은총 소모량 감소 – grace cost reduction
경험치 보너스 – bonus experience.
아데나 보너스 – Aden bonus.

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