The official release of MMORPG Lineage 2M has been successful, but because of the Korean language only, many players may have problems. For this reason, we decided to make a full guide for beginners, which describes all the elements of the user interface and game settings.

Game interface

Lineage 2M Full Guide
  1. Character information – You can check health, mana, damage reduction and magic resistance.
  2. Buffalo Information – You can see what buffaloes and debuffs are applied to your character.
  3. Mini Map – You can look at the minimap and see the current region.
  4. Memory – Mark a point on the map where you are.
  5. NPC List – Opens the list of NPCs in the current city.
  6. Settings – Various options such as party system, chat, and a power-saving mode.
  7. Virtual Joystick – Allows you to control your character.
  8. Level – You can view the character’s level and characteristics.
  9. Camera – Allows you to select the type of camera.
  10. Spontaneous bomb/treatment – Allows you to use a natural bomb and potion treatment.
  11. Gold – You can check the current amount of gold.
  12. Quick access panel – Allows you to use the abilities and items that are selected in the slots.
  13. Einhasad Grace – You can check the status of the Grace of Einhasad, which increases damage and experience.
  14. Game Menu – By default, you can open a shop, inventory, abilities, and quests menu. All items are available in the pop-up menu.
  15. Quests / Scanned list – You can view lists of quests and scanned enemies.
  16. Scan targets – Allows you to scan all monsters around.
  17. Auto Attack – Allows you to automatically attack enemies.
  18. Find Item – Allows you to take a dropped item.
  19. Attack – Button to attack.

Main menu interface

  1. Shop
    Opens the shop for the premium currency.
  2. Inventory
    It allows you to view your items.
  3. Abilities
Lineage 2M Full Guide

In Lineage 2M all classes have skills books without restrictions, and you can learn the skills of any class. However, for each skill, there is a limitation on weapons, so you must use the right weapon to apply a certain skill. Also, once you have selected a skill, you can click on the magnifying glass icon below for more information.

Lineage 2M Full Guide

You can also buy and explore the Books of Skills through the Books of Skills shops located in the settlement. However, some skills can only be acquired by killing monsters or by an in-game shop.


Lineage 2M Full Guide

If you touch the task menu, you will see the current quest.

Lineage 2M Full Guide

Quests in Lineage 2M are divided into 4 types:

임무 (Mission)

Issued automatically at the beginning of the game and is the main quest that unites all the players. You can earn various awards by participating in various events taking place during the development of the central plot of Lineage 2M.

신탁 (Trust):

In addition to the main awards, you can earn random, which can be obtained through the statue of Einhasad or monsters who have broken the scroll.

전승 (Victory)

Tasks in Lineage 2M can be performed sequentially, depending on the level of the player and the order of opening the content.

업적 (Achievements):

You can be rewarded according to your experience, which will be recorded, without performing any quests.


Lineage 2M Full Guide

At a certain level you can switch to a new class subclass, which was selected at the beginning of the game. You can progress after performing special quests on 5 levels: Lv1 / Lv 5 / Lv 40 / Lv 65 / Lv 80.

Lineage 2M Full Guide

At the beginning of the game you can switch to a class that you have received by calling or creating a class different from the one you have chosen.

Get and apply the look and feel of the former class.
Available weapons and skills differ depending on the main and additional weapons.
Rare classes and above have wake-up abilities that enhance the effects of existing skills.

Collection of Pets
If you open all the necessary pets, you will get a bonus to the characteristics of the collection.

Lineage 2M Full Guide

Class Collection

Lineage 2M Full Guide

If you open all the necessary classes, you will get a bonus to the characteristics of the collection

A natural print

Lineage 2M Full Guide

Spirit engraving is a system to enhance the spirit of the bomb.
A spontaneous bomb can be obtained according to the level and print level.
Spontaneous characteristics apply only at the place of use.
As the level of the spirit print increases, the effect and color changes.


Lineage 2M Full Guide

Select Craft from the menu and you will see a list of various items, including weapons, armor and accessories. Click on them to see the materials needed to create them.

Step 1: Select the items you want to create.

Step 2: Check the item and the amount of consumable material.

Step 3: If you have enough material, you can click the Craft button to create the item.

Exchange of materials

Lineage 2M Full Guide

All trading (sale/purchase) of items in the game is possible only through exchanges. Trading in goods is possible only with diamonds. If you successfully register and sell a product, a certain amount of aden or diamond will be deducted. Only characters with a level of 20 or higher can register items.


Lineage 2M Full Guide

Users who have the same tasks, be it hunting or fighting monsters, can gather and create a guild. Join the guild and play with other characters to give and receive a lot of help, with a variety of amenities and benefits.

  • Guild name
  • Setting up the entry (no one to accept, open, on request, by password)
  • Password
  • Greetings.
  • Emblem
  • Creation


Lineage 2M Full Guide

Dungeon information
Type of dungeon
Time – you can see how long the dungeon will be available


Lineage 2M Full Guide

You can attack other characters in the usual zone and battle zone. If you kill a character in a normal zone, the PK mark appears.

Daily rewards
Here you can pick up the award for the daily entrance.

Displays the list of locations that you selected.


Lineage 2M Full Guide

Shows 1000 best players a day. The characters get small buffs, depending on the place.

View all received messages sent via email. There are also various awards.

View your friends list.

You can express your emotions with stickers or various social actions.

Allows you to change game settings

What is the mercy of Einhasad (아인하사드의 은총)?

Lineage 2M Full Guide

You can get more experience and gold coins by hunting monsters with this buff.

Applies to only one character
Restores when leaving the safe area.
It can be replenished with a special object.
It is used every time you get experience and gold.
After you’ve exhausted all of this, you won’t get any additional experience and gold until you’ve filled in the favor again.

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