The clan guild system in Lineage 2M is specifically called the Blood Pledge System, but it is not very different from other PCs such as \ Mobile MMORPG, and in particular from Lineage 2 versions.

The possibility to join or create a guild appears only from the 20th level, press in the main menu on the button 혈맹 (flag-shaped icon) and immediately get to the list of all the guilds, where opposite the liked press a huge orange button. To create a guild, go to the third tab, keep in mind that it costs 200k adenas.

Based on the available information at the time of writing this article, the benefit of the guild is solely in the passive bonuses, a special trader, clanhall, it’s all we will sort it out below.
It should be noted at once that the user will not be able to contribute (donate) to the development of the guild within 24 hours. Also, if you want to leave the current guild, you can join the new guild only after 24 hours.

Passive bonuses provided by the guild depend on its level, and it is increased through the contribution of participants and of course, the most profitable options (both for the guild and the player) – for donated diamonds.

In addition, as the level increases, the maximum capacity of the guild increases, but unfortunately, already at level 7, reaching 50 people, the growth stops. And finally, the assortment of a special seller, who can be found in the main cities, is replenished, do not confuse with the usual settlements.

Lineage 2M guide – Clan

Clan NPC (let’s call it so) allows you to buy a variety of quite useful items for a special currency 명예의 훈장 (Medals of Courage). Despite such a strange name that makes you think about PvP, medals are given for story quests, raids on bosses, contribution to the guild, etc.

The assortment itself is diverse, allows you to buy items such as: scrolls echant (armor \ weapons), advanced arrows of 10 pieces (bows can save adenas), blue \ ability red books, mini-virnu (pet), maps classes and much more.

As in the usual Lineage 2, clans can buy a clanhall for rent, but only in contrast to the PC-version, if I understood correctly, it is a separate location, not tied to any restrictions. That is, any guild that has reached 3 levels can rent CH, and it costs only 1kk adena for 30 days, respectively, it is better to take 3 months only for 3kkk.

According to the translation, the character’s HP \ MP is constantly restored, the penalty (fine) of weight is completely ignored and you can teleport to Gludio free of charge. In order to get to the farm you need to use the scroll with the image of the house, 3 pieces are issued when joining the guild.

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