After opening the main menu we are looking for the icon of the huge door with additions 던전, which is translated as Dungeon, in principle, at this point the similarity with the dungeons in the usual meaning of the word for MMORPG ends.

It is possible to tell that dungeons in Lineage 2M reflect the name is simply a separate location where there are infinite quantity of opponents, but there is no habitual scheme “Cleaned up mobiles, killed mini-bosses, killed the final boss”.

So far in the game there are only four dungeons, the first one becomes available at 30 levels, and the last one – at 50. A little tip: if you do not want to spend money on the teleport (several tens of thousands), through the interface of the main menu on the world map, you need to find a red door with the name of danja and lay out automatically the path (the second line of the appearing menu on the right).

Dungeons among themselves are mainly different drops (and in some of them there is no equipment at all) and the number of floors, or rather only in 30 and 45 of them about 6 + and the last is the mobile boss.

Most likely, because of the mobile platform developers decided to add a time limit, each dungeon below the orange text says the number of hours that it can be a character.
The timer is reset every day, but of course there are items that allow you to add one hour (looks like a stone tile with a clock), so far I’ve seen them only in the game store for 300k adenas (only for 45 and 50 dungeon).

In general, because of a pretty good green \ blue loot of dungeon – is a very good place for a farm equipment or king abilities, but if you want to leave the character overnight, it is better to stock up on a huge amount of consumption and most importantly, scrolls to increase the load capacity.

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