Simplest and most important feature of Lineage 2M. Having opened the world map and chosen any location \ dungeon, in the right part of the screen the user will see three buttons of the interaction menu, we are interested only in the first one – 출현 몬스터
Not taking into account the rather strange English translation, this button can be called “Information”, as it opens a list of all the mobs, which can fight the character.

The opened interface first of all allows you to see what loot drops out of this or that opponent, but, unfortunately, the Korean developers decided not to specify the chance of drop out. Thus, you can always find the perfect spot for the farm of certain items \ resources.
Quite strangely enough, that more and more often such game functionality appears in mobile projects, while PC MMORPG is often forced to use third-party sites on the Web.

A little above the drop list there is detailed information about the opponents, at first glance it may seem useless, but in practice it is not quite so, and I personally regretted that I did not immediately study it. Next, we will take a closer look at each inscription in a Korean language that we do not understand (for clarity, I have duplicated everything with the picture below).

선공 and 일반 비 – two words in the upper right corner. The first word reflects what kind of opponent it is, the white word reflects ordinary opponents, and the red word in the frame reflects the boss (it is easy to distinguish by the frame without knowing Korean). Which means I didn’t understand the second one, as there are white and orange texts.

무기 손상 – As I understand it, this means “The possibility of breaking a weapon when dealing damage”, and if you notice this on the right, 가능, we stock up on a huge number of repair hammers.

속성 약점 – vulnerability to a particular element. Ideally, you can choose an opponent who will be weak to the elements of your attacks and then start farm, but it seems to me that few people will be bothering to fit the elements under the mobs.

피해감소 – reduction of damage from certain types of attacks (near, far, magic). The most unpleasant characteristic is that you play one class and there is no possibility to change to another. Some opponents may have two words at once.

재질 약점 – vulnerability to a certain type of material. Here I do not know how this feature will be used at all.

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