Lineage 2M guide – Item enchant and augmentation


Let’s start, of course, with the first, because the process of enchanting in Lineage 2 was quite a difficult task with a bunch of different, ways to “increase” the chance of success.
Enchant in Lineage 2M, unfortunately, has left not far from modern realities which the majority of admirers of MMORPG face, the process can be divided into simple click to a safe stage and struggle against a great Korean random after this threshold.

To enchant the equipment the player will need special scrolls, which are divided by the type of equipment: at the time of writing, there are these types of equipment.
Scroll weapons, armor, trinket, jewelry (earrings only), bracelets, relics – in case of success increases by +1.
Improved scroll of weapons, armor, trinket – in case of success increases the range from 1 to 3.
Cursed scroll of weapons, armor, trinket – in the case of a fail reduces the sharpening by 1.
As I wrote above, the process of enchant to a certain stage is absolutely safe and you just need to buy a few enchant scrolls from the game store (for the adena) or get on quests. After that, feel free to click on the big friendly orange button before the frame around the object becomes red \ dice above the button will become red (each type of equipment has its own safe range).
Red indicates to you that you will get one of the three possible results:
Positive – enchant successfully.
Neutral – the enchant failed, but you will only lose the scroll.
Enchant failed and the object was destroyed. You will get blue crystals as compensation .


With the augmentation, things are much easier and safer (if I may say so). Despite the name I thought was logical, there are only two kinds of stones in the game: Life stone and Blessed Life Stone.
The first one drops out of the monsters or is bought in the game store, while the second one is made by craft from the first one. Honestly, I still don’t understand the difference between them, because I used only the usual ones.

To put it simply, Life Stone allows you to give your weapons and armor additional parameters. Click on the stone, and then select the desired item and click on the orange button, as a result of the common pool will be selected several parameters depending on the grade of equipment.
Normal and green are one thing.
Blue – two.
Heroic (red) and higher – three.
The pool of parameters depends on the type of equipment and, in fact, the subject is endowed with additional characteristics, which I recently translated in another guide on

Weapons – Weapon Damage, Hit, Critical Hit, Critical Damage Bonus, Double Chance Max HP, Max MP, Water Property Damage, Fire Property Damage, Wind Property Damage Land Property Damage, Holy Property Damage, Dark Property Damage, Weapon Damage Boost, Additional Damage

Armor – Max HP, Max MP, HP Recovery (Tick), MP Recovery (Tick), Ranged Critical Resistance, Short Range Critical Resistance, Magic Critical Resistance, Defense, Skill Resistance, Damage Reduction, Close Range Evasion, Range Avoidance, Magic Avoidance, Maximum Hand Weight, STR, DEX, INT, CON, AGI, WIS.

Keep in mind that you can’t replace individual parameters, there is simply no such functionality in the game. So if you do not like the results of the random, you will have to spend another stone on a new attempt, it becomes especially interesting when the player wants to get three ideal parameters on the heroic and higher equipment.
Also, I noticed a rather unpleasant feature: if you have more than 2 stones, the result of augmentation will appear directly in the interface, and when only 1, the game for some reason immediately switches to the augmentation interface, forcing you to open the detailed information about the subject.

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