Following the latest trends in MMORPG, Korean developers decided to add pets to the game, but not just for the sake of a nice creature that will accompany the character throughout the game process.
Each pet in the world of Lineage 2M increases your experience gain, raises its weight limit and finally increases its character stats. As well as almost all equipment, pets are divided into grades from gray to purple, the higher the grade, the stronger the effects of the above-mentioned bonuses.

It is important to note that starting with the red grade there are passive abilities, which are automatically activated after the call, for example, you can get the skill of a dagger “Increase resistance to elements” or increase the rate of mana regeneration.
The only thing I personally don’t like about this mechanics is the number of pets. In total there are only 9 creatures in the game (red + purple grade) with similar abilities, although this problem could be solved by adding passive to blue grade.

The process of getting the pets is almost identical to the classes, they also accidentally drop out of the special cards with the cloak icon \ cape. Of course, this is done for pumping money out of users, as in the case of classes.
Duplicates that you can use to create a new pet in a special interface tab, and the result can be a creature one grade higher.

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