The soulshots, are the hallmark of the Lineage 2 series and of course, they should have appeared in Lineage 2M, but the developers decided to simplify and improve this feature a little bit.
Let’s begin with that soulshots in the mobile version only are one ( there is no grade) and approach at once for all classes \ weapons, to get them go to the NPC trading in base subjects (there, where banks, hammers and other expense).

To somehow diversify their use, system 정령각인 (Elemental Inscription) has been added, if to simplify sense of the given system, it is created to endow soulshots with additional effects at the moment of activation.
Having opened the interface, you will see in front of you 10 rhombuses, which you will need to unlock by increasing their level (each of them has three), and the progress here goes consistently and you can not, say, immediately up 3 or 6 rhombuses.

To raise the level of the rhombus will require regular crystals, and for the transition between rhombuses – a combination of regular and special, how and where to get them written in the description of the item (hold the button on the item). To make things a little easier for you, I’ve translated the sources below.
Normal – from mobs, in the case of a fail enchant, when destroying the object. To destroy the item, open the description of the item and click on the button in the form of a bank, for this action from the NPC with potions \ soulshots, will have to buy a can of white liquid.
Special – from bosses in the dungeons \ locations, when destroying objects, in the case of fail enchanting, through craft. In the latter case, you will need 30 ordinary crystals and a cup of water.
Now let’s take a look at these most additional effects, keep in mind that you will fully unlock everything only to 6 rhombus:
무기 대미지 – weapon damage.
명중 – accuracy.
치명타 대미지 – Critical damage.
무기 대미지 증폭 – weapon damage boost.
PVP 추가 대미지 – additional damage in PvP.
Also, the visual effect of the soulshots changes as the rhombus opening progresses, and if I understand correctly, the initial color of the violet haze will be replaced by another one.

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