Go to Aden Shop > Black Market > 사제의 의뢰 (4th Choice / Quest Scroll Shop)

Buy this one with Honor Coin Daily ” 교단의 신탁서 (스킬북) ”

Then use the scroll and use the Quest Scroll, go to Ant Nest F3 to clear the Quest right there (Quest may change depend on request and has no Auto Path to the Monster, monster won’t be specified and u will only be given a clue)

Reward Contain: Skill Book Page, Elemental Ink, Green Skill Book (Random), Blue Skill Book (Random), Red Skill Book (Random) and since the Quest treated as Sub quest u can reroll the reward with Adena

ou can only buy the Scroll one a day so make sure you hoard it first

Its the best for usage for Honor Coin for now

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  • Theon Valentine
    Posted November 30, 2019 3:08 pm

    Sorry Sir but where fuckin Aden shop ? you need explain more for newbies

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