We have collected a list of the best artifacts, weapons, armour and charms you can find in the dungeons of Minecraft Dungeons.

In Minecraft Dungeons is the upcoming Diablo style ARPG in Minecraft universe. All the way through the game revolves around your character’s charms and equipment and that’s all we’ve found so far.

Just like in regular Minecraft, it’s all about unlocking and pumping the charts on different types of equipment when you decide on your style of play. There are no fixed classes in Minecraft Dungeons, but if you choose all the skills and spells that enhance archery, you will still have a hero that looks like a hunter.

We were lucky to spend some time in the closed beta version for Minecraft Dungeons, and here are all the skills we have revealed so far.

Artifacts for skills.
Skills are active abilities that you can use based on items and artifacts that you collect during the game. They have different powers, and you can get stronger by passing higher difficulty levels throughout the game. Here are the ones that we have found so far.

Light Feather.

List of the best artifacts, weapons, armor and charms in the dungeons of Minecraft Dungeons.

The “Light Feather” basically gives you extra dodge, and it also stuns the enemy near you when you move.

The Horn of Wind
The Horn of Wind is an incredibly powerful skill that throws all enemies around you a considerable distance. It’s great for long-distance builds.

The Blazing Quiver

List of the best artifacts, weapons, armor and charms in the dungeons of Minecraft Dungeons.

One for archers, it will add fire to your next arrows that deal damage over time.

Mushroom of the Death Cap
This is an enhancement that gives you an increase in attack speed and movement through fairly healthy recovery times at the baseline. It is ideal for getting stuck in hand-to-hand combat to fight strong Mob or crowd of enemies.

Delicious bone

Tasty bone evokes a faithful wolf companion, who fights on your side and gets agronomists from mobs until he dies (don’t let him die!). The higher the level of the object, the more damage it will cause. Unfortunately, you can’t pet him, though.

Fireworks Arrow

Fireworks Arrow attaches explosives to your long-range combat cell, allowing you to deal increased damage and drop a large effect every few tens of seconds. This also adds up to a bow spell, allowing you, for example, to launch several missiles at once.

Hunter’s armor
It looks like Hunter’s Armor is oriented around archery styles, increasing the number of arrows you can collect, and generally increasing your long-range damage. Here are some of the common and unique charms we found for players.


This item produces a small static charge that kills nearby enemies for additional damage.

Surprise Gift
When using medicinal potions, sometimes you will create additional potions to help yourself or your allies.

Snow globe
The snowball automatically stuns the nearest mobiles every few seconds.

Ideal for long-range attackers who know how to avoid damage, cowardice gives you extra damage for maintaining full health.

The researcher gives a small regeneration of health for every hundred blocks that you explore at the level, which can be very convenient for both solo and team play.

Fire Path
Creates a stream of fire behind your character as you perform a dodge throw, igniting enemies in the process. Can be handy for kiting.

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