With the release of Red Dead Online: Naturalist, seven legendary animals have been updated. Some of them can be found from the beginning, while others require you to complete a collection of “Guidelines for animals”.

In this guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about all the legendary animals in Red Dead Online: Naturalist and their location.

Red Dead Online: Naturalist location of Legendary Animals
Legendary animals in Red Dead Online: Naturalist is quite difficult to find – akin to the single-player mode of the game. Below is a complete list of all the legendary animals that can be found in RDO: Naturalist.

  1. the legendary fox
    The legendary fox in RDO: Naturalist has many options, such as marble, ota and a cross. They are usually found at dusk. You’ll find the Marble Fox somewhere between Kern Lake and Spider Canyon. Ota Fox is between Flat Ayron Lake and Rhodes, to the left of Southfield Flats.
  2. The legendary boar
    You can find the boar Vapka towards the western side of Quaker Bay, north-east of the Lower Montana River. It can also be spawned in the swampy area between Stillwater Creek and the landing of the Thieves. To find Kogie, you’ll need to head north to Bluewater Swamp at dawn – north of Saint-Denis. And finally, Ikahi’s boar can be found on a mission from Harriet.
  3. The legendary beaver
    The legendary beaver at Red Dead Online seems to be wandering around Lake Ovangila. You may have to wait long enough for it to show up. Since many players are likely to be hunting for it, you can change copies to make it appear.
  4. The legendary wolf
    There are three types of legendary wolf: moonstone, emerald and onyx. Remember that in order to find them, you have to be on level 5.

To find the Moonstone view, you need to head to the north side of Lake Isabel. Although this is not confirmed, several players have reported that the animal appears only after you have successfully killed the Emerald.

The Emerald, on the other hand, is near Moonstone Pond. Finally, to find Onix, you need to go to Wapiti Indian Reservation, located on the left side of the grizzly.

  1. The legendary buffalo.
    The legendary buffalo is near the Hartland overflow.
  2. Legendary Woo Moose
    The legendary Moose also has two different species: Ozula and Inachme. They seem to prefer mist, so make sure you wait for the right weather. Ozula can be found in Cholla Springs (at the top of the map icon), and Inachme is the reward for completing Harriet Davenport’s mission.
  3. The legendary ram
    The legendary ram will be on its way north-east of Donner Falls on the map. Another version of this animal is linked to Harriet’s quest line.
  4. The legendary cheetah.
    It will be updated.

Legendary animals Tips and tricks
Talk to Harriet Davenport in Stroberry and you can buy some things from her. These include a collection of animal guides, a map showing all the locations of legendary animals, sedatives and much more.

The map is your best friend when it comes to finding these animals. However, please note that their search depends entirely on the HSE.

You can spend hours and hours in an area without even having to face it. You can always change your copy to better find them.

Moreover, some Legendary Animals prefer to appear after you reach a certain Naturalist Rank. In addition, time of day and weather conditions also affect their appearance.

We also recommend that you spend some money to buy legendary pheromones. You can use them to find out if there are any legendary animals in the area you are scouting or not. – This can save your life.

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