It’s been a month since MY.GAMES announced the launch of an open beta-testing of the Russian-language version of the Korean MMORPG Lost Ark, and meanwhile, while the heroes of Arasia are busy exploring the fantasy world, the localizer announced the start of sales of special collection editions, which contain unique content created by the developers of the game specifically for users in the region.

The sets are called “Dark Banners” and are two sets – small and large. Each of them includes the image of the Dark Horseman and seven-day premium status “Blessing of Beatrice”, and the difference lies in the presence of a bonus in the form of a horseman “Messenger of Destruction”, the number of “consumables” and, as a consequence, the cost. At the moment only a preliminary order of both editions is available, which can be purchased for 999 rubles or 1,999 rubles, respectively. All items will be available to players closer to the end of December.

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