A representative of Smilegate and CEO of MMORPG Lost Ark gave several interviews to Korean news portals at G-Star 2019. The main topic of the interviews was the world markets of North America, Europe, and South-East Asia, where the game will appear.

“We will continue to expand rapidly into the global market after the launch in Japan. Next year, when overseas expansion begins in a serious way, the company’s value and profitability are expected to increase significantly. In addition to the globalization of Lost Ark and intellectual property franchises, the goal is to be ready to become the leading developers next year.

Apparently, in 2020 we should expect a European version of Lost Ark. It is not yet known who will become a publisher, but it is possible that it will be a division of Mail.ru called My.com. After all, representatives of the domestic company also visited the exhibition, where they held negotiations and gave interviews.

In addition, the game was mentioned on consoles and mobile devices. Smilegate also thinks about “creating a new generation blockbuster, which can get a more global response than Lost Ark”.


  • Genaro
    Posted November 18, 2019 6:56 pm

    Great news. Source, please?

    • admin
      Posted November 18, 2019 6:57 pm

      G-Star 2019

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