Another huge leak about the next Mafia came recently from the same source that “confirmed” the existence of the project last week.

Among the details of the gameplay and trendy minigames – the leak suggests that the location of Mafia 4 will take place in Las Vegas, where you will be tasked to create an empire in the criminal atmosphere of the city.

User Reddit TheTruthTeller1985, whose sources are apparently two former developers of Hangar 13, has published the entire leak as a continuation of its previous one.

It once again confirms that Mafia 4 will be held in Las Vegas and will have a strong narrative element.

Undoubtedly, Las Vegas is the ideal place for such a game, given its “criminal past”, filled with gangs and casinos to enhance your reputation.

Obviously, the reputation will be an important factor in Mafia 4, and the clan system will reflect this. That way, you’ll have special interactions with NPCs, depending on how you relate to them.

Interesting information on how your reputation will affect the police. Leakage indicates that you will rarely be stopped if you have a high reputation because law enforcement officials will be afraid of you.

Here are all the details of the gameplay that include the leak, as the author has written:

-The game will be about how you get control of Vegas, it will be a big story about crime, love and greed.

-You will be able to choose your team, you can hit people, shopkeepers who refuse to raise money for protection, etc.

-Cops can arrest you for speeding, red traffic lights and improper parking.

-The game will have a “reputation system” that will affect how the NPCs react to you. If you decide to run your criminal empire fairly and less brutally, people will be more inclined to approach you and be nice on the streets, offering you advice about jobs nearby, etc.

-However, if you are a nasty piece of shit that constantly kills – people will avoid you and will run away when you approach, this system is similar to the one used in MAFIA 3, where white women in rich areas avoid Lincoln.

-You can create and destroy opposing casinos.

-Sex in your penthouse.

-Mini casino games.


-New animation technologies to give the game world more life.

-They say that their driving animation is very detailed, realistic and reacts to the actions of players.

-Note that none of the above is official. All we know about Mafia 4 is nothing but leaks and rumors.

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