The new edition of Mafia is a complete remake of the 20-year-old game, well-suited for the current generation, and is probably the best ever Godfather game. It is not one of those typical remakes, where the 1080p textures get replaced by shiny 4K textures, and that’s it. This edition of Mafia is a complete remake in the true sense of the term.

The Story

The story, plots, and characters have mostly remained unchanged. We see improvements in gameplay, controls, animation, and graphics. Though we see a complete remake from the last version – Mafia III, yet it would always remain better than GTA V.

Mafia is the story of a cab driver, Thomas Angelo. He happens to be nearby when a group of mobsters had to make a quick exit. He helps them escape and rides them safely back to Don Salieri. A series of twists in his fate and some of his life choices soon turns him into a junior mobster. You would drive, brawl, and eventually shoot your way to become to most famous name in the world of Godfathers, the most famous Salieri. 


Mafia comes with a slow gameplay. The storyline has its own pace, much like the progressive slots in a casino, where you keep adding to the jackpot, yet never know when the jackpot would hit. The Mafia campaign is very long, and it gets frustrating when the vehicle does not move faster than 40mph. The new edition has added speed to the wheels, and the latest graphics and gameplay guarantees a good time for all gamers. Besides the main campaign, there is free mode gameplay where you can roam around the city at your will, trying new vehicles, clothes, or weapons. The city and its landscape have got a perfect structure and scale. When you look at the skyscrapers, you indeed feel like a dwarf; it is a major improvement over those ‘cardboard’ city architectures that you find in most games.

Mafia: Definitive Edition Review

Understeering remains

Even in this version, almost every vehicle seems to have an understeering issue. If you are taking a casual ride around the city, it is a pleasant experience. But if you have a mission involving driving within a stipulated time, you have to speed over 20mph, and then your frustrations begin. In such cases, the understeering problem is much pronounced, and the mission can turn into a painful experience.

The cops and gunfights

The police would no longer ‘hunt’ you down for minor speeding offenses. Although you can turn on the zero-tolerance mode, the cops would go back to their original version. Even the gunfights have improved a lot. It has moved away from being chaotic to now being more realistic and strategic. Though the guns themselves are not completely accurate in their description and functioning, they are a major improvement considering the past three versions of the game.


Mafia is not ‘GTA’ in the 1930s. It is more like playing the role of a character; a cab driver turned mobster in a very famous mafia movie. The storyline is a linearly progressive mobster adventure story. Regardless of whether you have played the previous versions or not, you should try out the Definitive Edition of Mafia.

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