Mining these stones, create experience materials for weapons and get the best weapons for your group!

There are a lot of resources in Genshin Impact – how to mine and where to find Iron Ore, White Iron and pieces of crystals.

Where we find iron ore

Iron chunks can be easily found in the mine workings near Mondstadt. They are also the least valuable ore, but they always require a lot.

Where do we find white iron?

The pieces of white iron can be used as a krafting material. It can be used to create a few rare pieces of equipment, as well as to turn them into experience materials for weapons. Read on to find out where it is best to stuff the pieces of white iron.

Look for Storm Bearer Mountains and Storm Bearer Point!

You can find a piece of white iron a little further away from Mondstadt. Note that the average enemy levels in the area are 15-20, so make sure your group is adequately pumped and equipped to survive.

You can also find in abundance near the Stormterror lair.

How to stuff the pieces of crystal

Pieces of crystals are the rarest (so far) non-elementary crystal. They have a sparkling blue luster that separates them from other ores in the game. Their huge amount is also needed to create rare materials and equipment in the game. Here we go again.

The pieces of crystals are rare, and even in the place where they can be found, it is a little harder to feed them. Go to the Stormterror’s Logue and search the surrounding area to get the pieces of crystals.

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