While Nintendo Switch sales were growing, there was nothing new for fans of Mario Kart 8. Recently there was tweeting about a new Mario Kart game. What will it be, Mario Kart 9? Let’s talk about it in the post.

The source in question is a man named Sabi, who claims to be an insider in the inner circle…
Like Goovrit Sabi, Nintendo is ready to release a new game this year at Nintendo Switch. There will be plenty of ‘tires’ in this game,” Sabi said, making many people believe it will be the new Mario Kart 9 game.

That’s consistent with the fact that it’s time for Nintendo to do something new in the Mario Kart franchise. After an unsatisfactory reception of Mario Kart: Tour, the new game will surely be a breath of fresh air for fans.

The rumor under consideration may have some force, given that Sabi was also spreading rumors about Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2. The insider stated that the release date of Breath of the Wild 2 will be postponed.

New Mario Kart will surely fill the void that the Breath of Wild 2 delay will leave behind. Sabi is well known for his leaks, which proved to be correct. Keep in mind that there is no official confirmation from Nintendo.

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