In this MechWarrior 5 guide, we’ll tell you how to quickly make a lot of money and keep a profit for the duration of your journey. It’s expensive to run a mercenary company, and when you’re just starting a game, it can be difficult to keep your profits.

These tips should help you manage your finances and keep you in the shadows. No matter what, always try to have a few million in your bank account to cover serious or sudden losses.

Stick to a certain faction

The MechWarrior 5 universe is divided into more than a dozen fractions. All the main factions have divided the star systems into colored areas, which you can see on the star map. When you work in a conflict zone, the employers of the mission usually consist of the owner of the territory where you are located or their closest neighbor.

Although you are by definition a free company without loyalty to any employer, you will receive more money by choosing the right parties.

When working in the same part of the universe, always choose the same employer to maximize your relationship with him. This often leads to a serious relationship with another faction, but the relationship is purely financial in nature. Even if you are hated, you may still be able to contract with a particular faction, and this will not affect history. Their prices will simply be marked in their own industrial zones.

MechWarrior 5 - How to make a lot of money quickly and keep a profit

Please note that the area map is dynamic. When you execute contracts with this party, you can see how their territory is expanding to such an extent that some territories are being completely destroyed. Below you will see before and after “Starmap” at the beginning of the campaign, and much later.

If you stick to influential employers and support them for as long as possible, your bargaining position will increase significantly. See below what to do with them.

Negotiate a contract

Before you start all missions, whether it’s a story campaign mission or a side quest mission, you will have the opportunity to negotiate a contract and reward.

Depending on your relationship with the faction-employer, you can negotiate bonuses in three areas. Since this mechanics is very important, it is best to have a min/max relationship with the different factions in the game. You can choose any faction you want and performing missions for only one faction is likely to damage your relationship with the other, but this is normal. The main thing is that at least half of the factions love you, so that you always have room for large discounts and you can get the maximum opportunity to negotiate contracts.

You can agree on three aspects of your contracts:

Completion of payment

Emergency actions

Damage insurance

Rescue promotions allow you to get more weapons or even torsoes after the mission. Mech torsoes usually cost 14 or more shares, and larger and more powerful ones cost more. However, if you have collected the mech of a torso, you can sell it immediately for a significant amount of C-Bills. Even one torso usually brings you more than a million in a friendly area, much more than if you put any negotiating points in the payment for completion.

Damage insurance is paid better than the completion fee at each negotiating point, but only until the actual damage is done. For example, if you have agreed on 500,000 C-accounts for insurance, but have only 100,000 damage, you will receive only 100,000 insurance after the mission. If you expect a lot of damage, which is often the case during storyline missions, damage insurance will be more important than the completion fee, even if it may be a kind of gambling. Please note that the insurance only covers the cost, so if you lose your Level 4 weapon and get paid for it, it doesn’t mean you can access Level 4 replacement in the same star system right away.

MechWarrior 5 - How to make a lot of money quickly and keep a profit

Therefore, negativity is very straightforward. You will first need to get enough points into the damage insurance number you expect to receive, and then the rest of the promotions. If you are maximizing your disposal rate, only then will you consider earning points for completion.

Always stay on top of it

As mentioned above, when entering into contracts, keep the Rescue Campaigns as high as possible. You will almost always be able to save one Mech for a mission and sell it, which in itself is likely to make you a profit.

However, there is something else to balance your books. All active Mechs have a maintenance fee, and pilots have a salary that is paid every 90 days. You can drag and drop the Mech into the Cold Storage on the Battlemechs Hub tab. Any robots in the Cold Storage will be exempt from maintenance fees. Since missions in the same conflict zone have the same tonnage restrictions, if you know that you will be working in a particular conflict zone for a while, you should take all your bones away from the four you normally use in Cold Storage to minimize costs.

Keep in mind that if the Mech is in Cold Storage, it does not mean that it is invulnerable. Usually, the Mechs still accumulates small damage, and when it is removed from the Cold Storage, it may need a small repair of the structure in addition to any changes in the weapon’s equipment.

In addition, when moving from a one-star system to the next, all jumps have a fixed cost of 50,000 C-Bills. This can quickly add up to hundreds of thousands or millions if you jump across the vast expanse of the universe at the same time. A small jump can help you.

Ordering work or repairs in conflict zones impose fines. It’s usually more cost-effective to jump out of a conflict zone, order repairs, and then come back. Fines, both in time and in cash, apply only where the work order has been placed, not where it has ended if you jump during an active work order.

Pass as many missions as possible. If in a story mission you go through the universe, go to the conflict zone in the conflict zone and conclude contracts to save your income.

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