It has been almost 20 years since the last part of MechWarrior came out and a lot has changed in the industry since then. Most likely, you will get acquainted with the series for the first time when you will visit MechWarrior, but it is quite possible that you are the same fan who knew about it in childhood. In this guide, you will read the most important tips for beginners.

Guide and passing MechWarrior 5 – tips and tricks for beginners

Below you can read both the basic tips and some tips for deeper gameplay:

The W and S keys are designed to speed up and slow down, respectively. Try to get used to it from the beginning of the game, though it will be difficult;

While driving, use the F Button to level your robot’s legs and torso. So, you will turn your legs in the direction in which the torso moves, which will facilitate maneuvering during the battle;

Switch between cameras by pressing the V button. During first-person combat, you’ll find it easier to aim, and from the third, you’ll be able to see most of your enemies;

When aiming at an enemy, press the R Button. This will give you some information about the enemy that will appear in the upper right corner. You’ll be able to know your opponent’s active weapon and his health;

Do not let your robot overheat. This will make you extremely vulnerable;
Watch the range of your weapon and remember that each weapon has its own maximum and minimum range threshold;

Be generous with ammunition: the more bullets you have, the more shots you can fire;

While servicing your robots, make sure to click on the “Wait” button after clicking on “Start Work” for your requests for modifications or improvements;

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