At Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, mercenaries and bounty hunters are the kind of mini-bosses you’ll find in random locations. There are several varieties of these enemies and defeating them all allows you to discover the Bastards and Villains achievement. In this tutorial, we’ll tell you when these enemies appear, where to find them, how to win them, and what rewards are given for winning them.

How to find the mercenaries

You won’t be able to face them in the first hours of the game. The first thing you’ll need to do is to move up the story, or rather, to get to the final episode of Chapter 3. It is at this point that Cal will meet the first such opponent (the mercenary at each new pass is different). This battle cannot be avoided – after it the main character will be in an underground prison, from which he has to escape.

Mercenaries and bounty hunters at Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Once you get out of your cell and into the arena, you’ll have to fight the bounty hunter again and finally defeat him. After that, you’ll be hunted by other thugs.

Where to find the mercenaries

These mini-bosses appear in all worlds in a variety of locations. Usually they can be found in places where you have been before and fought with another dangerous enemy. Here are a few places where you can come across a bounty hunter with a high probability:

On the planet Rich in the location where you defeated Ogdo Bogdo.
On the planet, Ilum is in a location where you need to solve a puzzle with ice walls and a crystal.
On the planet Rich in a round room, where there is a workbench for repairing the BD-1 and changing the lightsaber.

Note: Many players report that they cannot find the mercenaries wherever they go. This is a common bug. Some note that you need to start the game again, while others advise you to wait for the patch. It is possible that this error is already fixed.

These enemies are very different from ordinary enemies in that they have a separate strip of life above their heads and a unique appearance, so you’ll hardly miss them if they’re near you.

Mercenaries tend to attack in pairs, so get ready to fight two bosses at once. Very rarely is there only one bounty hunter in a location. Sometimes they appear in adjacent locations. These enemies don’t leave their places, so you don’t have to worry about them chasing you.

Mercenaries and bounty hunters at Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

If the mercenaries will be able to kill you, you will not be able to take revenge on them, because they will simply disappear from the location where you met them. Holiday at the checkpoint does not bring back bounty hunters, but you can try to fly to another planet and then come back to sleep with them.

How to defeat mercenaries

Types of bounty hunters
In Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order mercenaries are divided into 3 main types. They appear with different frequencies. Pairs can have the same or different bounty hunters.

Mercenaries and bounty hunters at Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

A mercenary with a jet pack is a pathetic copy of Boba Fett, who can go up in the air and attack you in flight. This enemy uses flamethrower and blaster against the hero. From time to time he will reload his cannons. It is at these moments that you need to counterattack.
A mercenary with a shield – can not fly, but is able to throw grenades, shoot from the blaster and defend the shield. In the latter case, try to bypass it from behind. If you see that he is going to attack you with the shield, then immediately jump in the other direction.
A droid is a heavily armed killing machine capable of using both close-up and long-range attacks. However, its most dangerous blow is a forward throw. Try to dodge it, as it deals huge damage and knocks you down. However, the tactic is quite simple: repel the shots with a double sword and dodge nearby attacks.

In general, in a battle with a couple of mercenaries, you need to first focus on one enemy, avoiding attacks from his comrade. After dealing with one bounty hunter, take the second one, which will be much easier to kill.

The award for the victory over the mercenaries

Mercenaries and bounty hunters at Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

The main reward is the experience points, which are given very, very much. Killing monsters or ordinary storm troopers so much not to earn. Therefore, for the pharma “expy” you can do the hunting for them.

Thanks to the murder of these mini-bosses you can also open two trophies at once: “Information Hunter” and “Bastards and villains. Remember to scan the bodies of these enemies after you defeat them.

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