When we talk about games like Merge Dragons, as a rule, most people don’t take them seriously, which is for nothing. Such games take the concept of tetris and improve it, making absolutely all objects on the level. In this guide you will find out basic tips that will help you in Merge Dragons.
Most of the gameplay in Merge Dragons is about combining patterns and creating new ones. This is probably the most important piece of advice that we can give you. Combine the maximum number of objects in one attempt.

Moreover, it is not that difficult, because in Merge Dragons you can combine only objects of a certain type. You can also combine at least three objects, and when you combine five you get a double bonus. That’s why we recommend that you combine as many parts as possible to get the bonus.

Use dragons before they’re depleted.
One of the most interesting mechanics at Merge Dragons is a camp where you can do almost anything, such as sow seeds, combine objects and expand your territory. But the most important thing is that you can grow dragons by combining three eggs, with which you can bypass your camp.

However, dragons can become exhausted, after which they need to rest. We recommend that you use your dragons before they are exhausted and only then go into battle.

Build new buildings by combining the old ones.
At Merge Dragons you can combine almost everything, even the buildings in your camp. For example, you can combine three small dragon houses and get a new house that will accommodate more dragons.

Moreover, you can also combine five houses to get a double bonus.

Expand your camp
The only way to expand the camp and thus increase the space for construction is to collect dragons. For this reason, we recommend spending extra money to buy eggs to get rid of fog as soon as possible.

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