The Verge editor Tom Warren told us that almost none of the third-party developers still have Project Scarlett.

And Kotaku editor Jason Schreier added that Microsoft lags behind the schedule, which causes indignation of studios. Discussion of consoles began because of the new leaked photo of two Prospero (PlayStation 5) devkits at once.

Almost nobody has them [Scarlett devkits], and they are far from the final version. That’s why there are rumors that they are not powerful enough and so on. Microsoft wants to surprise Sony this time.

Schreyer added in comments on ResetEra that third-party developers are not satisfied with the lack of information about Project Scarlett.

I’m not sure that the idea of Microsoft wants to surprise Sony is true – common sense says, as with Xbox One, Microsoft is just behind schedule and will release the console in a hurry. But I have talked to a few third-party developers who were not satisfied with the little information about Scarlett, especially when compared to Prospero.

PlayStation 5 and the new Xbox are expected to be released by the end of 2020.

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