Minecraft cross-platform version for PlayStation 4 will be released on December 10

It looks like the cross-platform version of Minecraft for PlayStation 4 will be announced in the upcoming State of Play. Best Buy Store has posted a page with the game on its website before the release date of December 10.

This was reported by several users of the Network at once. Besides, the photos of Minecraft Starter Collection for PlayStation 4 were published. According to the description on the back of the box, customers will receive 700 units of in-game currency for the purchase of cards, shapes and other goods; a set of elements LittleBigPlanet and Greek mythology, as well as a set of textures of the city and Skin Pack 1 (set of shapes).

PlayStation 4 is currently the only console platform where only a limited, old version of Minecraft is available. The new one is based on another engine, known as Bedrock. In fact, it is an engine Minecraft: Pocket Edition, released in August 2011 on a smartphone Xperia Play. It was written not in Java, but in C++, because it was also created with the aim of iOS, which does not support the first programming language.

Pocket Edition was gradually being released to a growing number of mobile platforms, and in 2017 it was renamed Minecraft and then ported to PCs (Windows 10), Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and other platforms such as Gear VR, Apple TV and Fire TV. This version supports collaborative play on shared servers. So far, PlayStation 4 users have been separated from the rest, but this is likely to change on December 10.

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