NCSOFT studio closed down MMORPG WildStar in 2018 due to the small number of players. However, the fans of the game did not accept the server shutdown and a few months later the work on the revival of the favorite project began.

Due to the lack of access to all the files, the development of the emulator is slow, but every week it looks more and more promising. Not so long ago a stable combat system was implemented, and now homeownership is available. At this rate, perhaps next year we will return to WildStar.

Wildstar is a closed, free MMORPG, offering players one of the best combat systems, unusual setting, PvP, PvE and many interesting solutions, like a complete ecosystem with predators and herbivores.


  • StarFan
    Posted November 22, 2019 8:25 am

    You broke the 1st rule of private servers! Keep it secret, keep it safe!

    • Chknegg
      Posted November 22, 2019 7:35 pm

      What is actually both secret AND Internet-based nowadays? What exactly constitutes it being “kept secret”? Secret pretty quickly becomes a relatively term as soon as something is available on the Internet and it really doesn’t take many people knowing about a “secret” private server for the exclusivity of the server to become an irrelevant factor in avoiding detection by the intellectual property holder. How many people do you know you could trust if you were committing a relatively victimless crime to actually stay silent about it? Perhaps I’m just too much of a loner, but my personal answer is about 100-fold less than the population necessary for an MMORPG private server to have any semblance of being massively multiplayer.

      • Chknegg
        Posted November 22, 2019 7:36 pm

        Assuming that NCsoft is the IP holder and is the IP holder of the other games associated with them, do they have a history of challenging private servers for games that are offline in either the country offering it OR offline altogether? Lineage Justice is available in NA, Aion has numerous private servers in Western nations for previous versions that are not current, City of Heroes private server has been known about by some former and possibly current NCsoft employees and non-developers/non-admins for years, Lineage II has a classic private server around, etc.

        • Chknegg
          Posted November 22, 2019 7:36 pm

          A WildStar private server, if based on the components previously released to the public, should be a sufficiently gray legal area where it is unlikely NCsoft is going to challenge the IP and NCsoft has a history of mostly leaving private servers alone. The largely Korean mobile game market population and WildStar private server population are sufficiently non-overlapping where challenging the intellectual property of WildStar is unlikely to become any sort of concern — especially given NCSoft’s own pattern of prior actions.

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